Zoner Photo Studio X announced a new update that brings changes to the user interface and expands its support for RAW formats.

It’s the second major update of the year for the Czech Republic-based operation and it brings a “fundamentally new method for processing RAW files”.

Previously, users had to install third-party add-ons to work with RAW formats for dozens of cameras. Now all full-frame mirrorless cameras are supported, as well as many other camera models, the full list of which can be viewed. here.

“A debugged DCP profile was added to every camera that passed through our new program design lab. This ensures that the colors are interpreted accurately by the program,” the company explains in a press release.

“This update is useful for any photographer working on a calibrated monitor, as well as photographers who shoot with more than one camera and need to deal with the color shifts of each.”

Updated user interface

The new full view now offers an additional mode for working with photos. The company says the new window will hide distracting elements, leaving more room to compare or edit.


The way photo metadata is displayed has been changed, with the user now able to define how metadata is displayed without needing to understand complicated format string codes.

Many photographers will create many folders and subfolders to help them organize their work. Zoner Photo Studio X now offers photographers the ability to customize folder display, sorting, and other settings.

Speaking of folder navigation, the company has found a much faster way to switch between photos and folders when editing. It is now possible to switch from one photo to another by simply double-clicking without having to change modules.

“Our long-term goal is faster photo editing. We achieve this by gradually accelerating the algorithms, as well as by modifying the program interface,” says product manager Honza Kupčík.

“Our goal is to have as few obstacles as possible between the photographer and his retouched photo. One such hurdle was the need to constantly switch between the Manager and Develop modules.”

Windows 10 and 11 users can download the software for free as a one-month trial or subscribe to $59 per year or $5.99 per month..


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