Artist Yass Peter Crisp displays a piece of the table he was commissioned to make by the Royal Australian Armored Corps, as a wedding present for the Prince of Wales and Camilla at Clarence House, London, in 2006. Proof of One of the artist’s plates is on display at the Yass Library. Pictured: Royal Photographer George Bodnar.

Celebrated glass artist Peter Crisp’s curated works, which have been shown around the world – including on display to royalty – are now on display closer to his heart and home – at Yass.

Through an initiative of Southern Tablelands Arts (STA) and support from the Yass Valley Council, works by regional artists will be displayed in a special exhibition area at the Yass Library.

Five pieces of Mr. Crisp’s work are the first to be exhibited, a fitting tribute to the artist who, in 2022, celebrates 40 years in the creative field. Each piece traces his growth as an artist, including a print of the Camelot dinner plate, part of a dinner service he made for Charles, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in 2006.

The glassware was commissioned by Charles’ regiment, the Royal Australian Armored Corps, as a gift to the then-engaged couple. Other pieces of his work include a stunning piece of jeweled glass designed in memory of Elizabeth R and a Byzantine cross, to a piece he made for his first exhibition at Mill Gallery, Braidwood in 1982, Great Alabastron.

blue slime

Great Alabaster created by Peter Crisp is one of the works by artist Bowning on display in the new Yass Library exhibition. Photo: Peter Crisp.

“I think it’s such a wonderful idea,” Mr. Crisp said, “to showcase the work of artists in their own fields. It’s only just been installed in the library, but I’ve already had people who came to see me at Yass to tell me how much they liked what had been done.

“I am very happy with the choice of pieces selected for this, it ranges from some of the premieres to my career.

“One of the things I really like about this exhibition at the library is that it will reach an audience that my work isn’t usually shown to, and that’s great.”

The works were curated by STA Executive Director Rose Marin, with the exhibit known as the STA Box Gallery.

“Mr. Crisp’s work is appreciated around the world,” she said. “And it’s a great opportunity to see his masterful glass creations at Yass whenever the library is open.

“The STA Box Gallery is a unique, glass-covered pedestal that will allow Yass Valley residents to view small to medium-sized works of art by local and regional artists,” Ms. Marin said.

Mr Crisp, whose gallery is in Bowning, about 15km west of Yass, will be the first artist featured, followed by others from the valley. Other councils have also taken up the idea in the southern plateaus, including Young.

Yass Valley Council Business and Community Director Lynette Safranek said the STA Box Gallery is another great reason to visit the Yass Valley Library.

“We are thrilled to have a permanent exhibition space that will spark the imagination of library visitors and celebrate local artists,” she said.

Two men shaking hands

Yass Valley Mayor Allan McGrath congratulates Peter Crisp for being the first artist to display his work in the library’s new showcase. Photo: Yass Valley Council.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for more of our residents to experience world-class art without having to travel far.

“I highly recommend seeing Peter Crisp’s exhibition this spring. The first display sets the benchmark for more exciting artwork to come.

The Crisp Gallery was closed during the COVID-19 lockdown, but the artist has been busy.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of his first exhibition and plans are underway to reopen the gallery in November on Saturdays and by appointment.

He also used the time of confinement to focus on making stunning unique jewelry and eyewear orders by the Bombay Sapphire company. He has also converted his original glass workshop into guest rooms.

“There’s been a lot to do,” Mr. Crisp said. “There are always some here. It may be my 40th year, but I have no intention of slowing down.

Hear the artist talk about his work here.

The STA Box Gallery will present a new exhibition each season. Artists and creatives interested in learning more are encouraged to contact STA through its website.


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