A GRASS patch left resembling the “site of a WWI battle” may soon be home to new parking “car wars”.

The warning came at a meeting where councilors approved plans for a 13-space split car park at the junction of Crookham Road and Kingsclere Avenue in Weston, Southampton.

Southampton City Council bosses crafted the proposal as the cars parked on the grass anyway.

This left the patch in a sorry state. Speaking at a council meeting, Councilor Sue Blatchford said: ‘From the photographic image (it) looks like the site of a First World War battle because of the loss of grass .”

But she fears a new battle will break out – over who uses the parking lot. No seats will be assigned.

At the Planning and Right of Way Committee, she added: ‘They have the new spaces, but actually they’re not allocated… just waiting for the residents’ car wars to end ‘I can’t park my car here “.”

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Despite Cllr Blatchford’s disapproval of the current state of the site, she was not completely supportive of the development.

And there were also environmental concerns raised at the meeting.

Lindsay McCulloch, an environmental consultant, expressed concern over the loss of greenery.

In a written submission, she said: ‘The proposed development will result in the permanent loss of amenity grassland and compensation in the form of improvements to other edge or amenity grassland areas should be provided.

“The frequency of vehicle movement is likely to prevent grass from growing in the grass block (which will be added to the new car park) and therefore cannot be considered an adequate mitigation for the loss of grassland.

“I would expect to see the introduction of an equivalent area of ​​wildflower meadows and rain gardens elsewhere in the locality.”

Despite the worries and potential wars that could ensue, the new development was voted through.

The scheme was developed as part of the previous Conservative administration’s plans to add 1,000 parking spaces in Southampton.


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