As she watches customers remove the tags from her job at Vernon’s Value Village, Deborah Loker’s thoughts sometimes drift to a career as a singer or actress.

And with a bit of pop in his voice, Loker is closer to that goal thanks to a competition called iPOP (International Presentation of Performers).

Loker, 32, returned from iPOP, an international talent showcase in Los Angeles, where she performed an original monologue, commercial and song.

“I won an award for third place in the voiceover contest and got eight callbacks,” Loker said, which resulted in a contract with US-based Crawford Management Company and a chance to work. with voice coach James Lugo, whose experience includes voice coaching work on American Idol.

To qualify for iPOP — which she discovered through Tik Tok videos, a real, scam — Loker had two months to prepare to audition online for event planners. This included sung parts of rock classics White Rabbit and Under Pressure. She also had to read a script even though Loker has no acting experience.

“It was an exciting new challenge for me to create a resume for something I’ve always fantasized about,” she said on a YouTube post about her journey to iPOP (above). “Working with a photographer to take head shots for the first time was definitely a fun first venture for me.

“It was a mad rush to get my passport and convince my best friend to come with me.”

On July 8, the couple got into Loker’s car and drove for three days in Los Angeles, including crossing five states in one day.

She said that having contestants have to write their own monologues, commercials and songs really made her feel more confident and connected with her material, to audition with something she wrote.

“The showcase auditions were so much fun,” Loker said. “Although I did not enter the showcase, I was extremely proud to have received a blue ticket and reached the final round.”

Loker had just four hours to learn the script for the voice-over contest, which she called a “thrill.”

“I was flabbergasted at the 18+ female runner-up third place medal ceremony,” Loker said, adding that she was “ridiculously humbled by the love and support.” she has received throughout this process.

Now is the critical moment,” said a confident Loker. “It’s time to be heard, seen and spread my content. I am so grateful for this experience and I look forward to my future.

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