To celebrate the club’s historic 2020/21 promotional season, Venezia FC released a two-part book featuring a collection of football and street photography by Ethan White, a New York photographer who was behind the scenes. of Venice under the direction of the artist Venezia FC. -Residence program (VFC AiR).

The book includes 96 pages of images from inside the team environment, 96 pages of images of life around the lagoon and a 32-page center insert with images from the May 27 promotional party. 2021 and celebrations two days later, which included a parade of historic boats, rowing clubs and gondolas on the Grand Canal.

After the book’s release, Venezia announced VFC AiR’s next collaborator, 21-year-old Venetian street photographer Eric Scaggiante.

Scaggiante will be displayed inside and outside the gates of Pier Luigi Penzo during matches, telling the story of Venezia’s return to Serie A after 19 years through his lens. Venezia FC will then collect all their photos for another publication at the end of 21/22.

The 2020/21 book is produced in collaboration with Venetian design studio CamuffoLab and Venetian printing house Grafiche Veneziane and is available to copy here. Take a closer look at Eric Scaggiante’s photos below.


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