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If you recently bought a fabulous new Mac Studio – which runs on the M1 Ultra, Apple’s fastest chip to date – then you want to treat your fancy desktop computer well, right? Compulocks sells three Mac Studio accessories that can secure and mount your bare bones machine to help you get the most out of its computing power.

Compulocks Ledge, Mount and Stand for Mac Studio

The three Compulocks accessories each bring specific and unique features to the Mac Studio party.

The Mac Studio Ledge secures the computer with a lock. The Mac Studio Mount secures it to a wall or desk with ventilation. And the Mac Studio stand gives it a secure spot on your desk with full port access.

You might want all three for your new fast machine.

Secure your Mac Studio anywhere with the Mac Studio Ledge

The Mac Studio Ledge is a secure yet discreet locking mechanism for your computer.
Photo: Compulocks

The Mac Studio Ledge is a powerful locking mechanism that secures your new Mac Studio so you can focus on your work. It features a low profile and low profile design.

Best of all, the Ledge is easy to use and accepts all standard T-bar cable locks.

As with other models of Compulocks’ Ledge range, this one adapts the “Kensington slot” at the base of the Mac Studio to a classic side lock. It is an effective and elegant solution that protects the computer without the need to modify it in any way. That means you can’t damage it (at least not by using the ledge). It follows Apple’s clean design for the Mac Studio, while protecting it from potential thieves.

The Ledge Adapter consists of two parts: a T-bar plate that fits into the lock slot on the bottom of the Mac Studio, and an adapter that accepts all standard T-bar cable locks. It’s a simple, non-invasive way to protect your Mac Studio.

The three types of adapters – T-slot ledge lock adapter, keyed cable ledge lock, and combination cable ledge lock – are each compatible with all Mac Studio models.

Price: $54.95

Or buy: Compulocks

Simplify your workspace with the Mac Studio Mount

Compulocks Mac Studio Stand lets you place your desktop on a wall (or pretty much anywhere).
The Mac Studio stand lets you place your desktop on a wall (or pretty much anywhere).
Photo: Compulocks

The Mac Studio Support is a high-quality aluminum enclosure that lets you mount your Mac Studio computer to a desk, wall, or counter. Being a metal case, this mount will provide 100% security for your new computer. The Mac Studio is expensive, so it needs the best security available. The Mac Studio Mount is perfect for offices, conference rooms, universities and more.

The stand design also allows for proper ventilation of the machine and even helps keep your cables tidy. It protects your Mac Studio (and makes you productive).

Features of Mac Studio Mount:

  • Easy to install on a counter or wall
  • High quality aluminum housing
  • Secured with key lock
  • Ventilated design with cable management features
  • VESA pattern 100mm x 100mm and 75mm x 75mm

Price: $139.95

Or buy: Compulocks

Elevate your studio with Mac Studio support

The Compulocks Mac Studio Stand removes your computer from the desk, improves airflow to the machine, and allows full access to ports.
The Mac Studio stand removes your computer from the desk, improves airflow to the machine, and allows full access to ports.
Photo: Compulocks

The Mac Studio Support is the perfect desktop tool for the most powerful Mac on the market. It elevates this powerful computer in more ways than one.

Both stylish and utilitarian, the stand elevates the Mac Studio, freeing up space on your desk, and improving airflow to the computer. It also allows you to secure your computer right on your desktop. Plus, it gives you easy access to the Mac Studio’s 12 ports.

The Mac Studio stand even helps prevent dust accumulation at the bottom of the computer.

Mac Studio Stand Features:

  • Improves the ventilation of your Mac Studio.
  • Fits perfectly into workspaces.
  • Mounts easily to flat surfaces, walls and counters.
  • Includes an additional lock slot for a device.
  • Use a double-headed cable lock to secure it to the stand or a cable lock to secure it to a fixed point.

On that last point, when you purchase the bracket, you have a choice of two padlocks to include (or none) – a double-headed coiled cable lock or a security-keyed cable lock.

Price: $164.90

Or buy: Compulocks


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