A Swansea woman with Down syndrome is set to launch her modeling career after being signed by a top agency.

Beth Matthews, 22, was signed by inclusive agency Zebedee, after her mother, Fiona Matthews, was introduced there by her aunt and niece.

Zebedee aims for better representation of people with disabilities and differences in the fashion industry, coining the term “inclusion revolution”.

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Beth’s aunt and cousins ​​had read about another agency model, Ellie Goldstein who had recently represented Gucci.

Fiona said her family brought her the item with Beth in mind.

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“They showed me this item and said, ‘Beth could do it, she loves dressing up and she loves being on camera, so we took the sequel.

“We booked a makeup artist and photographer for Beth, to see how she would look on camera. We wanted to make sure she was 100% happy and comfortable before we went any further.

“So Graham Smith of All About The Image and Kelly Louise of Make Me Over Kelly Louise came home last summer and set up a studio. None of us knew what to expect, but Beth was a natural person. Graham kept bringing the camera up and saying “have you seen those (pictures)? They are amazing!”

Beth Matthews, 22, who was signed by inclusive agency Zebedee

His mother, Fiona Matthews, had been introduced to the agency by her aunt and niece.

Following the success of their at-home photo shoot, Fiona and Beth picked six photos to send to Zebedee at the end of August 2021, and by September Beth had been signed.

Since then, Beth has made a handful of self-tapes for Zebedee and participated in a bridal wear shoot for Pontlliw-based The Bridal Den.

“They were looking for a model with special needs, to represent the inclusivity of their brand,” Fiona said.

“We sent some photos via Facebook, and she was selected from all the applicants. We were eager to see how she behaved in front of new people, but again, she was amazing.

“Since we started this journey, Beth has become 100% more confident. She is really enjoying the whole experience and we can’t believe how much she has blossomed. We are so proud of her.”

Beth is said to be loving her new career

Beth is aiming for Hollywood one day, but for now she and her mom are just happy to have affairs

“Since Beth’s first appearance in mainstream media, we’ve been interviewed on radio, TV, and she’s been featured in Vouge Italia and Marie Clare Brazil. She’s gone viral and she’s loving every minute of it. Before her television interview, she turned to me and said, ‘I love this mom’.”

His success story went viral

Fiona hopes that, in some way, Beth can be some kind of inspiration to parents of children with Down syndrome.

She said: “We’ve had some really lovely messages from other parents of children with Down syndrome who have said that Beth has given them hope for their little girl, and it’s really nice to hear.

“We were asked what advice we would give to other parents, but we are by no means experts, we are still learning things every day.”

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