The work of photographer Tamra Harrington will be featured throughout June at the Town Square Lobby Gallery, with an artists’ reception on Fridays from 5-6pm.

Harrington, owner of BohippianFinch Photography, lives in Princeton where she runs her photography studio and business.

Her love of photography began at a young age when she found a cheap old 110 film camera and a book featuring Ansel Adams photography at a garage sale.

At 16, she was hired by a large photography company in Ottawa, Illinois, where she learned different aspects of photography, from equipment and film to processing, printing and finishing.

“My photography reflects my way of seeing people and the world. I’ve always admired famed photographer Ansel Adams and been inspired by the work he did for a living,” Harrington said. “I believe black and white photography captures the soul of the subject, whether it’s a person, a tree, a mountain, an animal or the ocean.”

Harrington has worked in and out of the photography industry for over 20 years and opened his own graphic/web design studio in 2000. In 2020 Harrington made photography his full time passion.

She now offers photography for portraits and small events and is a contributor for Getty Images/iStock Photo. Harrington’s signature black and white style creates striking visuals for the viewer.

“I enjoy the style and contrast of old-school black-and-white film photography, even in the digital age we’ve come to,” she said. “Personally, I love the grain and textures that pop out of black and white and that’s why I mainly shoot in this style.”

The Town Square Community Center is dedicated to showcasing local artists, and the Lobby Gallery is Green Lake’s popular showcase for the latest works from the area’s most notable artists.


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