The trial of Alex Murdoch has focused the nation’s attention on Palmetto State. CNN is scheduled to air a documentary about the trial on Sunday at 8 p.m., and the series filming location has a local connection.

Brian Dressler Photography Studio, located in the community of Rosewood and best known for its architectural photography, was the location chosen by CNN to film the series. According to owner Brian Dressler, the location was chosen because no other space in the Midlands met the requirements needed to shoot offsite.

“Their producer from New York came a week and a half before they were filmed and visited several studios, which I think had about three available, and found mine to be the best suited for their production,” Dressler said. . “It was fascinating to watch. They had 10 cameras at the same time. Which gives you an idea of ​​why it takes them two months to put together the program.”

© 2022 Brian Dressler

Dressler said the documentary took four days to shoot and it was fascinating to see the working process combined with high-end production.

“People were so professional,” he said. “It is simply instructive to see how high-end production values ​​contribute to the creation of what will air this Sunday evening as a full-length finished product documentary on this fascinating, Alex Murdoch-centric affair. “


© 2022 Brian Dressler

According to Dressler, Randi Kaye, an Emmy Award-winning correspondent and CNN anchor, led the filming process. He said family members of the victims, as well as their lawyers and reporters who have been following the case in the low country, were in the studio to be interviewed.

“You know, the takeaway is that the family pretty much all revealed how immediately they were drawn to his apparent genuine kindness and instant friends.”

Having big projects filmed in his studio is nothing new for Dressler. Apple chose its studio to film an iPod commercial featuring legendary artist Bob Dylan.

“It’s been a while, but it was a pretty cool experience with him because they wouldn’t tell me who was coming. We had a cameraman and a producer from New York and Los Angeles. They had about 15 people from the New York advertising. agency that runs Apple. And then we had the bodyguards. They called me ahead to let me know and ask me, where is the nearest hospital and the ER and some stuff like that? I had to sign a seven-page non-disclosure agreement, and I didn’t know who it was until he came out of his trailer with his bodyguard. “

The great appeal of the photography studio is attributed to its size. Dressler uses his studio to photograph large-scale projects such as fleets of cars and boats; this is where the large studio comes in handy. His team is capable of driving a 22-foot van and even a large tractor-trailer inside the faculty, but Dressler said his specialty and greatest passion is architectural photography.

“There are a lot of iconic buildings in Columbia that I photograph that have been used for murals, in offices, etc. I have an eight-foot skyline of the city of Columbia in the lobby of the Chamber of Commerce I have an eight -foot Skyline photo in the conference room at the Columbia Economic Development Center There are many places where my photos end up being enlarged or used for commercial and advertising and marketing purposes, a he said “

Overall, the man who wears many hats said he’s happy to have a CNN movie in his studio and can’t wait to see what they wrapped up with the Alex Murdoch documentary. at 8 p.m. Sunday.


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