If you’re looking to step up your social media game, a new Instagram-worthy selfie studio is opening in Montreal this month.

The Saint Motela multi-sensory studio in the heart of Montreal, offers 13 captivating themed rooms inspired by the city’s iconic art.

The venue will provide guests with a hands-on photo experience and will also offer tastes of Marisa Parisellethe Saint-Motel’s in-house photographer, so you can get a professional Instagram-worthy shoot.

Inspired by the “selfie museums” and creative art spaces that have sprung up across the United States, Le Saint-Motel is a “locally flavored take” on the concept, the venue’s website says.

The Saint-Motel describes a selfie studio as a place where “you and your friends become your own personal photographer!” Each room is perfectly designed for cellphone and professional photography, with balanced lighting and photography props. Each room has a distinctive theme that gives guests “total creative independence”. The venue says it’s “almost impossible to take a bad photo!”

Parisella says the experience puts “art direction in your hands.”

One-hour tickets are $30 per guest, and the room can be rented for events, corporate concerts, and bachelor/bachelorette parties starting at $300.

The themed rooms include the “Expo 67 and the Montreal Olympics” room, “The Red Room 2.0”, “The Pool”, “Wonderland”, “The Goth Vs Princess Room”, “The Wall of Stuffed Animals” and “Enchanted Garden”. among others.

Speaking to Daily Hive, the Saint-Motel co-owner says Montreal’s ball pit definitely has the potential to be the most popular themed room. “I think it touches on all the things we love about Montreal. The windows represent our love of the city’s gothic architecture, the hanging balls are those of the Village’s iconic installation, the shape of the pool is a heart for the Montreal logo, and of course the Farine Five Roses and l city ​​skyline.

The Saint-Motel opens to the public on Saturday, April 30 at 4000 rue Saint-Ambroise from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.


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