A GNWT Lands Department inspector says he is “very disappointed” with the condition of one of Gold Terra’s drill sites near Walsh Lake, north of Yellowknife.

In a letter to Gold Terra’s chief operating officer, Joseph Campbell, dated April 8, Inspector Clint Ambrose cited several violations of the company’s land use permit for the area in and around Yellowknife, particularly at the Mispickel drill site north of the city.

“The licensee drilled from nineteen (19) setups and unfortunately the inspector was very disappointed with the cleanliness of the majority of the completed setups,” reads the letter. “Drilling waste management and adherence to the spill contingency plan was less than desirable and this blatant disregard on the part of the licensee and contractor (Boart Longyear) will not be tolerated in future drilling operations. ‘land use’.

Permit violations documented in the report include a general failure to keep the work area clean and a failure to properly contain and dispose of drill waste. The report also documents in writing and with photos the hydraulic fluid that was not properly disposed of.

“Since the hydraulic fluid is visible on ice and snow, the inspector cannot understand how it was missed by the licensee and the contractor,” the report said.

The failure of the licensee and the contractor to report these spills was also noted.

Following discussions with the licensee, a spill report is being prepared, along with a report documenting the cleanup of each of the 19 sites, according to Ambrose documentation.

“It is expected that the report will contain before and after photographs of each site and will clearly demonstrate that a thorough clean-up has been carried out and that operating conditions have been met,” the report said.

The document concludes by warning that anyone who violates a permit or an inspector’s order can be fined up to $100,000 or spend up to six months in jail for a first offense.

“The Holder’s cooperation in immediately addressing the inspector’s concerns is anticipated and such cooperation is appreciated,” the report said.

Neither Ambrose nor Campbell responded to a request for comment in time for publication. A Boart Longyear spokesperson also did not respond to a request in time for publication.


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