SHERELLE partnered with an audio design company GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING, GOOD MORNING bring a new initiative for up-and-coming black and queer artists in collaboration with the producer’s platform, GORGEOUS.

Launched in May 2021, BEAUTIFUL was created with black and gay musicians in mind to provide workshops and equipment to these communities, also acting as a label where artists can find the assets needed to build their careers.

Now, BEAUTIFUL’s next venture comes with help from leading audio tech company AIAIAI where the pair will team up to create a new studio space, launch workshops, introduce a new academy and open a series of exhibits.

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The Huge Week-Long Project exhibition titled move/002 with fynn studio at Open House Hackney set over two floors. The gallery celebrates the importance of black and queer communities and their history within rave and club culture.

To host the exhibit, drum ‘n’ bass pioneers Fabio and Grooverider will give an in-depth, career-spanning talk accompanied by photos by renowned rave photographer Dave Swindells.

BEAUTIFUL and AIAIAI will also launch their brand new studio space for Black and LGBTQI+ artists where they will have access to tools, programs and equipment without the financial burden of other spaces.

“From being at Reprezent Radio, they taught me that you really have the ability to do anything you want to do as long as you think about it. And I think my time there allowed me to have that philosophy throughout,” SHERELLE said of the new partnership with AIAIAI.

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“All of the amazing work that BEAUTIFUL will do in regards to studio, label, exhibitions and academy is there to cultivate the already rich and beautiful black scene. We live in a time when music organizations are scarce, our governments are more concerned with getting rich. People pay more for anything these days. Food, bills, rent, etc.

“There are many people who have the ambition to be on the scene but just need an extra push and inspiration to do so. With the BEAUTIFUL project, as a founder, I would like to make this path much shorter. Less stressful.”

Learn more about BEAUTIFUL and AIAIAI’s new venture here.

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