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Shenandoah National Park has selected five artists for its annual Artist-in-Residence program.

The program gives artists of all types the opportunity to creatively explore the natural and cultural resources of Shenandoah and pursue their artistic discipline. Each artist will spend three weeks in Shenandoah and then create an original piece reflecting the experience to be given to the park. Artists also present public broadcasts about their art and residencies.

The Shenandoah Artist-in-Residence Program is supported by a generous donation from the Shenandoah National Park Trust.

Shenandoah is one of many National Park Service sites across the country that have artist-in-residence programs to inspire artists to create and share art that not only motivates and encourages millions of people to visit and explore, but also helps raise awareness and develop stewardship. of these beautiful public lands.

The following artists have been selected for Shenandoah’s 2022 Artist-in-Residence Program:

Jillian Sico

Sico is a printer, stationer, and bookbinder pursuing a master’s degree in book arts at the University of Alabama. Her work is inspired by the slow and quiet reality she encounters in wild places and natural processes. Making paper by hand, growing fibers and dye plants, and carving wood require calm, meditative patience. Slowing down, fully engaging with materials and spending time outdoors allows Sico to think deeply about how we as humans connect with nature. Jillian has been selected as Artist of May and will be in the park May 9-30. For more information about Sico, visit its website at

Sandy Kessler Kaminski

Kaminski believes in the power of art to transform individuals and communities. It is influenced by the world around us. A classically trained artist, she has integrated contemporary materials and processes into my work. As a result, she is able to produce thoughtful, interesting and exciting works including durable exterior paintings, pastels and sculptures. Over the past decade, she has used an approach to public art that both reflects the people involved in its creation and includes the viewer. Kaminski was selected as Artist of July and will be in the park from July 15 to August 21. 5. For more information about Kaminski, visit his website at

Ken Heyman

Heyman savors the pleasure of painting. He prefers plein air painting, the act of painting outdoors, for the sheer purity of the experience. Working directly on location in nature to capture the essence of the landscape forces spontaneity into the process; including changing sun, wind and weather. Heyman layers color thickly with a palette knife or large brush, focusing his attention on elements of color theory and composition. He likes to work fast and transfer physical energy to the canvas with visible brushstrokes and movements. Heyman was selected as Artist of the Month for August and will be in the park from August 15 through September 15. 6. For more information about Heyman, visit his website at

jaime barks

Barks grew up traveling the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Those countless hours she spent wandering the woods as a child are evident in her work which is based on the places she has been. Jaime uses a combination of reference images and on-site sketches to capture the feel of a place. Barks has been selected as Artist of September and will be in the park September 7-29. For more information about Barks, visit its website at

Carl Johnson

Johnson is an award-winning wildlife photographer who resides in the hillside region of Anchorage, Alaska. He creates his art in order to better understand the world around him and to gain a deeper connection with it. This connection fuels a passion, which in turn fuels her desire to gain a full understanding of the place. Through his art he notices the world, sees detail and light in a way he has never seen before. Texture, color lines, shadow; they all come together to tell a story to isolate discrete elements of what is otherwise the chaos of the natural world. Whether it is tundra or boreal forest, the territory is full of complexities. Johnson was selected as October’s performer and will be in the park from October 17 through November 17. 7. For more information about Johnson, visit his website at


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