Founder/Owner Remi Aliseo. Photography by Kelly Hagen

Joriginally from upiter, Remi Aliseo has been an artist all his life. With experiences in the medical field and running a sportswear company under her belt, she was inspired to use her interpersonal and brand building skills in pursuit of something that combined her love of art. and service. When she found herself between two careers, she started doing eyelash extensions in her small apartment in California. But Aliseo had her sights set on a bigger prize: She wanted to add microblading skills and tattoo licensing to her beauty repertoire and use everything she learned to make positive differences in people’s lives.

In 2018, she founded Third Eye Studio in a one-woman show, adding a beautician’s license to its accreditations. She ends up moved to Jupiter, and to help keep up with an ever-growing client list, she hired Jensen Beach native Kelly Hagen, a tattoo artist and photographer. Soon, the team grew to include three other female artists. At Indiantown Road Collective, Aliseo and her team are redefining the approach to beauty and wellness by offering a wide range of treatments including tattooing, lip blushing, lash lift, microblading, lamination and tinting. eyebrows, facials, micro-needling and enzyme. peels. Here, Aliseo discusses business.

The art space offers tattoo art, microblading, eyebrow tinting, enzyme peels, and more.  Photo by Kelly Hagen
The art space offers tattoo art, microblading, eyebrow tinting, enzyme peels, and more.

What is the meaning of the name, Thirdeye?

It is about the act of closing your eyes and trusting your inner energy and intuition. I wanted a meaningful and grounded name. I started practicing yoga when I was 20, and it really changed my life, so I really wanted to capture and incorporate that vibe for my clients. It’s a safe space that’s not just about looking your best, but also about taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and feeling intuitively good.

What do you think sets your studio apart from others?

Our authenticity. I don’t really see other people in our town doing what we do. For me, it’s about using intuition to know what’s good to add to the business at certain times, like hiring new artists and integrating new services. There is also authenticity in who we are as artists. Everyone here draws or does something artistic outside of work.

Inside the ThirdEye studio.  Photo by Kelly Hagen
Inside the Thirdeye studio.

How did it go with a team?

So good! Everyone here works really independently and has their own style. Each of us has something different to offer, but it all came together in this space of beauty, self-care and art. It’s cool that our customers can choose their artist or the service they want, which allows them to experience so many different things in our space.

First job for Aliseo, tattoo artist: photographer Kelly Hagen
Aliseo’s first job, tattoo artist/photographer Kelly Hagen

You say you created a “safe space” at Thirdeye. What does this mean to you?

Sometimes the tattoo industry can be really intimidating, especially for young women. Ninety-nine percent of our customers are women, and they walk away saying, “Wow, this experience was so different from any I’ve had in the past. We created a more feminine energy and a welcoming space for women to seek services and feel comfortable. Older women come in and experience their very first tattoo and say, “I’ve wanted to do this my whole life, and I’m finally doing it.”

What does wellness look like to you?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a business owner is finding balance. I tend to overwork myself, but ultimately my health has to come first. I remind myself to slow down and do my yoga practice, breath work, and meditation. Being outside in nature is a base for me. I like to surf and go to Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

Hagen at work on a client at ThirdEye Studio copy
Hagen at work on a client at Thirdeye Studio.

How do you hope to contribute to your clients’ wellness practices?

We’re actually starting to run free “reward” events once a month. In the fall, we held a full moon event on November 19 with sound healing, journaling, and meditation. The objective is to make our customers discover these practices together
and inspire healing.


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