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Rihanna34, and A$AP Rocky, 33, visited a studio in Los Angeles, Calif. again, leaving many wondering if they were working on a big musical project together. The singer and rapper, who welcomed their first child in May, were pictured walking in and out of the venue for the third night in a row and looking amazing in black outfits. She wore a black Mercedes Benz hoodie over a black top, black pants, and white and black sneakers and he wore a light black hoodie, black pants, and black boots.

Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are hitting the studio for the third time this week. (BACKGROUND GRID)

Rihanna also had her hair mostly down with an up section with her look and wore white framed sunglasses and necklaces. She also wore makeup and appeared to be talking to her beau while walking towards the studio door. A mini denim backpack could also be seen on one of her shoulders.

It’s unclear exactly what Rihanna and Rocky are up to together at the studio, but considering the multiple times they’ve visited in a week, it’s sure to matter. Maybe the two new parents are working on some music about their newborn son, which they’ve been pretty tight-lipped about. Either way, the releases definitely seem to mean something big is coming for talented artists.

Rihanna on her second studio outing with A$AP Rocky this week. (BACKGROUND GRID)

Ahead of their final studio visit, Rihanna and Rocky were pictured heading to the same studio the night before. They also wore stylish outfits at the time, including a singlet, light blue baggy jeans and pink and white heels for her, as well as a black and purple hoodie, black track pants and sneakers Black, white and teal Nikes for him. At one point, the doting dad cracked a big smile, indicating he was in good spirits.

When Rihanna and Rocky aren’t busy making music, they’re spending time with their baby boy. Although Rihanna has been very public about showing off her baby bump during her pregnancy, she has kept many details about her son under wraps. The parents have only been seen on outings with the bundle of joy a handful of times since she was born and have managed to find other times for date nights.


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