On Thin Ice is a visionary artist who creates surreal detailed digital photo manipulations/animations in Photoshop, exploring human behavior and the critical importance of understanding ourselves. Its first release on Nifty Gateway is June 21 hosted by the Mad Pups.

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to become an artist and eventually experiment with NFTs?

I started taking photos when I was 15, after joining a photo club after school and since then I have never doubted that I would be a photographer. At 20, he started working as an assistant for an editorial and commercial photographer. Within a few months, I was already doing my own photo shoots. In 5 years was in the TOP10 editorial photographers of Lithuania. But the industry I admired when I was younger no longer corresponded to my values, and two years later I joined the young artists’ incubator “Fluxus” in Vilnius. This is where I had a wonderful and very important time experiencing a bit of the bohemian artist life and the freedom to create. Realization of the exhibition “316 portraits for ourselves” and the short film “Dream”, some sculptures of light and wire. I met my future husband there and we decided to move to the UK if we want to live from our passions (he is a DJ). My first job was handing out leaflets about club events at night in London… I never had a professional job here, never had enough confidence in myself as a self-taught photographer, with no post-education school and with a huge language barrier. Our first priority was to support our son. In 12 years together, we never had a family vacation, because all the extra money would go to our passions and creating our home studios. I was preparing… My plan was to open a portrait studio and have a steady income to slowly start creating art. But Covid hit. And then the company I worked for 8 years and a few years went bankrupt and I lost my job in early 2021. And around the same time I started noticing the whole NFT thing on the internet . So I decided to try for 2 months working full time on it, and later if necessary part time. I thought the timing of everything that happened was crazy, and I would always be sorry if I missed this opportunity. Everything just said “There’s no better time than now”. 16 months later, I’m still creating NFTs full time and doing my best to stay and live my dream of being an artist.

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When did you hit your first NFT? Which platform did you choose and why? My first mint was 05.05.2021 on Open Sea. At that time I didn’t have much choice and a friend suggested it, so…


Can you tell us one thing you can’t live without?

When my son asks me “Mom, do you need anything?” I say “peace and quiet”. Of course, it goes after my son, my husband and my cats. :DDD But, yeah, I like quiet times when I can just think. There is a huge gap of 12 years between my artistic creations, not only because of life circumstances, but also I needed time to reflect, what do I want to say with my art, and is it necessary. And also what is my purpose as a human being, or individual, or character? What’s going on in the world and who am I? Lots of thinking: DDD But I’m very glad I took the time. It was life changing. So now, whenever I get the chance to be alone in peace and think about things, it’s like an endless favorite dessert for me.

What is your favorite artist(s) (Non NFT)? How does their style resonate with you?

I haven’t seen much (enough) art to start picking favorites, but from what I’ve seen I’ll mention a few. The first would be Ash Keating. He creates these huge dripping/mixing color murals, and first of all, I’d love to do it myself. His workflow is so messy, yet controlled, satisfying and meditative. And the result – the tastiest colored voids. They are loud but also exude a kind of quiet tension and minimalism. I’m just in love with his creations. My recent discovery in abstract art was Eric Minter. Probably the colors and especially the bright acid colors are my spot of the week. It’s funny because I mainly create B&W art. But I think that’s just for now. My favorite art forms would probably be kinetic art, light and sound installations. I hope one day to be able to visit the space installed by the TUNDRA collective. Or any type of setup that has the ability to take you out of your normal day for a while and experience something magical.

Who is your favorite NFT artist? What makes this artist unique?

This one easy. Ruben Wu. He is unique to me personally because his creations have expanded my brain as a photographer, on how I can look and create using old tools by inventing new things. Massive inspiration and impact.

What prompted you to get into NFT art?

(I would call it digital/digitized art locked in NFT). Freshness of it. New community, new way to use new technologies, no rules, group of artists, almost equal opportunity for everyone, chance to survive through art, chance to work from home, do what I likes most – to create.

What is the NFT piece of art you wish you had bought but missed out on?

Vice of art? None. I am not a “collector collector”, investing in art is a serious job, which requires a lot of research, a little luck, very strong nerves, and of course taste. All my attention is on artistic creation. Yes, sometimes I collect what I love and can afford, but not as an investment. I believe there are so many talented artists, and everyone will have their chance to find their Mona Lisa, myself included. So no, I don’t feel like I missed anything.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why this location?

New Zealand. Because from a distance it looks like a paradise, except for the earthquakes. Also Canada. The only downside, there are gruesome bears 🙂

What are your other passions besides art? Why?

Nature, birds, plants, garden, reflection, writing. These things make me whole. Walking quietly in a field or a forest, watching birds, being surrounded by plants, it’s so good, so peaceful, as if I wanted to do that, live like that.

Do you do other art forms?

I like to experiment with sounds. I like to make textiles. But also, I probably don’t know where the line between hobbies and experiences is and where art begins. I have a huge passion for trying out different creative mediums and getting to know the work of other artists/creators/creative professionals. Their tools, techniques, cultural arts. That’s why I’m excited about my future as an artist, because I’m sure I won’t be working on just one art form.

How did you find your specific style?

Hmmm… I don’t know, just a lot of photo editing I guess, and choosing mostly B&W. I would say I have a slight OCD which helps me go crazy on the details, and not avoid very repetitive edits.

How has your style evolved over the years?

I am a fairly experienced photographer, but a fresh artist. My style is therefore always evolving, and all those who follow me have the opportunity to witness it. And I hope my artistic journey will be as exciting for them as it is for me.

What’s coming in the near future?

More colors, more animations, more experiences. Fasten your seat belts.

If you could collaborate with an artist, who would it be?


Do you have any drops coming?

Yes! Mad Pups organized drop on Nifty Gateway on July 21, 2021. “ETHER” is a five-piece work of art. I used the stop motion method to create animations and created different soundscapes for each part. I hope you enjoy it, because I’m really excited it’s finally finished.



What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it? Here in the NFT space? Not listening to my own instincts when it comes to choosing people. Yes, there are thousands of creative, friendly, and passionate people here, but this place is also about big money, and big money attracts a lot of sleazy and dangerous characters. Be brave, be kind, but trust is earned. Don’t immediately listen and believe all NFT influencers and preachers, even if they are labeled as community builders, famous artists. It’s easy to fall after FOMO. Triple check and do your own research and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


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