SPOKANE, WA – Most things in life are rarely all black or white. There is a lot of gray area. However, an art exhibition will open next week is mostly in black and white. It’s a look back at the so-called “in-between life” of Rajah Bose.

“I never thought I would consider any time in my life an in-between life, but over the years I guess that’s where I am,” Bose said. “What was it, you know. What was those 20 years. It just came and went all of a sudden.”

An artist by nature and a professional photographer by trade, for Bose it all started in print journalism.

“I ended up working in the Tri-Cities for about three and a half years,” Bose said. “It really set the tone for my work after that and even today.”

From photojournalism to teaching to commercial work for big companies like Alaska Airlines and WSU – Middlelife is now the chance to shine a light on the last two decades of Bose’s life.

“What photography can do and how can you put your images in front of people so they take a second to look at them,” Bose said.

He spent months digging through over a million photos in his archive. Most of the images you will recognize are from eastern Washington. 50,000 photos will fill the gallery and they are also personal.

“My parents are in there. My brother and my sister are in there because it’s a personal story,” Bose said. “But there are a lot of images in there that resonate emotionally because I took them. I met them. This soldier was going to Iraq and he’s hugging his child. There are pictures of people coming to lose loved ones. pictures too.”

middlelife is meant to get you feeling and thinking about memory, journalism, and how we document our own lives.

“I really hope people stop and think that we can actually observe our lives and the lives around us and don’t have to watch ourselves all the time,” Bose said. “Even though I’m in some of the pictures…I’m in all of the pictures.”

This will be Bose’s second art exhibition. The first was about 20 years ago during his time in Tri-Cities.

middlelife opens Tuesday, February 8 and closes March 25. It’s in the Bryan Oliver Visual Arts Gallery on the Whitworth campus in Spokane.

More details about the show HERE

More information about Bose HERE


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