Noah CyrusAmerican songwriter and Grammy Nominated for Best New Artistvisited Montreal on October 24 with their highly anticipated tour: The hardest part.

Noah played for about an hour and a half filled with interaction, raw energy and powerful vocals. As the show began, the lights went out and Noah emerged from the side of the stage waving to the crowd. She opened with “Noah (Stand Still)”, the first track from her debut album. The hardest part.

On stage, Cyrus kept it both simple and intimate. She went on stage accompanied by her band, wearing a peach-colored lace dress.

She continued with “Unfinished” and “Liar”, which transitioned seamlessly to “The Best of You / The Worst of You”, a song from her 2021 EP. people don’t change.

She followed with “Again” paying homage to XXXTentacion who features on the song and performed some of her most popular songs such as “July”, “The Hardest Part”, and “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” during which she showed off her impressive vocals.

Noah played a fantastic and haunting set that was full of great tunes. When we all thought her performance was over, she came back on stage to perform 3 more songs including a fan favorite “Lonely”.

From start to finish, the evening was a magical experience with the energy lingering in the air long after Noah left the stage.

Check out our photo coverage of the show below:

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Photos of the show taken by Marjorie Halle Website // instagram

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