A community art gallery has announced a new artist as part of its new 2022 exhibition program.

Hallbankgate Hub Community Shop and Café featured Sheila Pinder, photographer and Charlotte Draper, illustrator, as part of their Mixed Media exhibit.

Both artists are local to the Hub and draw inspiration from the natural world around them to produce works that inspire and connect the viewer to nature.

Sheila’s ‘#AFlowerADay’ began as a search for hope in the face of Covid lockdown and restrictions.

Missing her extended family and looking for something to brighten up everyday life, the flowers in the local landscape became her lifeline.

Thus began a quest to photograph and post on social media a new flower every day in 2021, using only his mobile phone, in the company of his dog and on foot in his area.

Over the year, she has developed a clientele that looks forward to this exhibition which is a snapshot of the work and its journey throughout 2021.

The exhibit comes with a limited-edition signed book that includes all of the flowers and the comments Sheila has posted with them.

Charlotte is a versatile practitioner, currently working as both an artist/creator and a baker.

She originally came to Carlisle to study applied arts at Carlisle University.

This is where her love for Cumbria began and she has since settled down with her own family in the Brampton area.

His exhibition – A Moment Captured – is a mixture of digital work and mixed media.

These pieces are heavily inspired by nature, our natural environment within Cumbria and capture those moments in time.

A Hallbankgate Hub spokesperson said: “The Gallery at the Hub aims to provide artists who live and work in and around the North Pennines the opportunity to bring their work to the rural community of Hallbankgate and make accessible a wide range of artistic genres to those who live outside urban agglomerations.

“Finding the Light began on Tuesday February 15 and will run until Sunday March 28, and can be visited during Hub hours – Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 9am-12pm, admission is free.


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