Sang-Eun’s Choice

Episode 11 of Love in Contract begins with the news of Sang-Eun being Hae-Jin’s wife spreading on the internet. At the same time, Jung arrives at the courthouse to say hello to a less than impressed Ji-Ho, do some pro bono work, and go out to dinner with one of Ji-Ho’s co-workers. It’s something that brings back flashbacks to the past, including how Jung never cared about Ji-Ho, putting him down, spending long nights at the courthouse, and generally being an awful partner.

Of course, that’s not helped by the reveal of Sang-Eun’s face online, as Ji-Ho worries that Jung’s flaws and his previous toxic relationship will be repeated here. Still, he calls Sang-Eun and tells her that he trusts her and will wait for her.

As for Ji-Ho, he talks to his boss who decides to move him to another department as a promotion. The other workers congratulate him but soon realize that Hae-Jin’s new girlfriend is very familiar. Jung played damage control and blurred as many images of Sang-Eun online as possible, working quickly to protect the celebrity’s image.

Meanwhile, Hae-Jin becomes concerned when he learns that his mother is drinking again. She was an alcoholic and quit drinking 10 years ago. But now it seems she’s back, much to her son’s dismay. Unfortunately, he encounters Madame Yoo, who immediately begins to meddle and try to set him and Sang-Eun up. She claims that they are perfect together and that it is Sang-Eun’s loss as she “doesn’t know what happiness is”. Although she is playing matchmaker, Hae-Jin has none of that and tells her to stop playing games. Well, she does no such thing and tells Gwang-Nam to break up with Sang-Eun.

Sang-Eun decides to do one last thing for Hae-Jin, going to her father and telling him precisely what she thinks about the marriage proposal. Unfortunately, Jung gets the upper hand first and announces what will happen with meeting Hae-Jin. It’s embarrassing and Sang-Eun takes matters into her own hands, claiming that they won’t get married since it harms Hae-Jin’s health and he has panic attacks. Hae-Jin is completely silent through it all, I might add.

After this last encounter, Sang-Eun leaves and heads to Ji-Ho, where he has an entire notebook written with questions about her. Ji-Ho asks if they can officially be together… but it’s already been 13 days. It’s a hilarious segment and eventually, despite being past bedtime, they decide to answer the 496 questions Ji-Ho has for her.

Meanwhile, Hae-Jin shows up that night outside, but he ends up going after the mysterious photographer wearing a motorcycle helmet. It turns out that he is apparently related to Sang-Eun and her husband. This is sure to throw a spanner in the works, especially when Sang-Eun gets a call and is taken to the station to explain it. This is Lee Sun-Ho, one of Sang-Eun’s former clients whom she divorced 8 years ago.

Sun-Ho is about to be charged with harassment, but Sang-Eun meets his sister, who asks for clemency and apologizes for her actions. She even gets down on her knees and begs. It turns out that she entered Sun-Ho’s room turned into a shrine for Sang-Eun. However, she still blames Sang-Eun despite this and decides to post some articles online.

Unfortunately, the damage control done with Hae-Jin is worthless as the comments section is exploding with people recognizing Sang-Eun. Unfortunately, this happens just on the eve of his date with Ji-Ho.

The episode review

So we’re basically back to where we started with Sang-Eun’s online misfortunes, though there are a few good moments sprinkled in this episode along the way. The question book scene with Ji-Ho is one such example, which has a lot of humor and really stands out.

The show was a decent romantic drama, but as I’ve said in previous recaps, Hae-Jin’s inclusion here doesn’t really add much to the storyline. In fact, he actively undermines her work and pushes her into the limelight. He’s the reason his identity was leaked and seeing him silent at the family dinner, leaving Sang-Eun to talk to himself isn’t great.

Of course, Ji-Ho isn’t perfect either and judging by the ending, it looks like things are about to get a lot more dramatic with him too.


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