The song “Me and You” is about loving a girl who comes. The entire clip revolves around preparing for the arrival of the girl.

TORONTO, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The script was written by Lostofficial and Bran, a local videographer, who also filmed the video. The song was produced by Kenickie (David Bagget) and co-authored by (GrayTheColor) Brian Aouad. Lostsofficial also mixed the music. Bran helped with the editing, and some editing inspiration was taken from Jay Omar. Owais Malik was the photographer on set.

“The clip is about loving a girl, and she’s coming. The whole clip revolves around preparing for her arrival; whether it’s getting dressed, choosing outfits, cleaning the house, doing the bed, etc., everything is done in preparation for his arrival,” says Lostsofficial.

It’s been a while since Lostsofficial released another original song. Lostsofficial has been busy creating music and singing for famous Youtubers/Tiktokers in live streams.

Lostsofficial’s latest singles, Backed Out and Sober, have gained exposure and been loved by music lovers around the world. Music videos were still on the cards for Lostsofficial, but it took longer than usual. ‘The first song, ‘retreated’, featured an American boy, and the pandemic did not allow cross borders collaboration in the music video,” says Lostsofficial. “I really looked for opportunities, but it didn’t work out.”

The second song, ‘Sober’, was released without a music video, but for ‘Me and you’, Lostsofficial was determined to make a professional video. Lostsofficial worked with a few classmates from school and the music studio where the 17-year-old works for Co-Op. The video was shot in Etobicoke at the border of Toronto in a penthouse that was rented online.

When discussing future songs, Lostsofficial mentioned an upcoming ‘Bite me’ release the May 6. The song has been sensational and has already gained momentum on social media and live, and listeners are eagerly awaiting the release. Lostsofficial also plans to shoot a music video for the song.

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LostsOfficial is a 17-year-old future Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, engineer and more. LostsOfficial is constantly working to impact the industry and fight their way to the top. With hits ‘Me and You’, ‘Bite Me’, ‘Yes Or No’ and ‘Myself’ in the works, LostsOfficial promises to make great music that everyone will enjoy!


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