Leva Bates recently shared some details about her AEW contract status and talked about having hearing issues when she suffers a concussion. Bates touched on the topics during a video on Thunder Rosa’s YouTube channel and you can see some highlights below (by Wrestling Inc.):

On hearing problems in concussions: “I have heard badly for a long time, I have suffered for a long time. I’ve always had kind of bad hearing and I used to do stunts… We were shooting guns with no hearing protection and once I shot a wasp nest in a boxcar… It sounded so bad I am pretty sure that was the start of my ears getting messed up and then i found out i have a condition.

“When I have a concussion, the area around my ear canals swells and I lose my hearing, usually about 24 hours, completely. It’s terrifying the first time it happens, but it comes back. But now I I have tinnitus… It was during the Impact, I received very hard blows [in the face] by accident… It hit me so hard I’m pretty sure something popped, and since then I’ve had constant ringing in my ears the whole time. So what the hearing aids do, they made the outside world louder than the ringing in my ears.

On the details of his contract with AEW: “So I don’t know if a lot of people know that or not, I feel like I’ve been a bit more open about it. I’m double-contracted, which means I’m talented, but I’m also office. I run the makeup department, the wardrobe department, I do PR, I co-run ‘Heels’. I’m like the connector between a lot of different departments, especially if [photographer] Speedy needs help saying “Hey, I need the girls for a photoshoot” or “Can you help me?” So I guess that helps – basically I do a lot of things that Brandi [Rhodes] and I did together. I always do so, I do a lot of things. I’m also the ‘mood maker’, I like to call myself. I make birthday cakes.


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