A planned pre-COVID art exhibit opens this weekend at the Roselawn Center in Port Colborne.

This is the first partnership between the city’s new museums and culture division and the Friends of Roselawn Centre, said director Stephanie Powell Baswick.

“Lens and Palette,” a collaboration of local artists, photographer Chris de Laat and painter Josh Vail, opens Saturday at noon.

It is presented by Friends of Roselawn under the museum’s board of trustees.

“It’s an interesting sight. I really like the concept,” Baswick said.

Vail takes de Laat’s photographs – many of them sea-themed and taken across the city – and interprets them into his style of painting. There are also photos of iconic buildings in the exhibit.

Photos and artwork hang beside or above and below each other in the “mansion” portion of the building which also houses the Lighthouse Theatre.

“The show will be suspended until August 15 so people can see it during Canal Days,” Baswick said.

It also marks the reopening of the Roselawn Center, 296 Fielden Ave., to the public.

The historic half of the structure will be open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. People are invited to come and see the exhibition. There is an accessible entrance to the new section where people can ring the bell to be let in.

Baswick said the hours also worked for people coming to see the Lighthouse Theatre’s production of “Buying the Farm,” written by Shelley Hoffman and Stephen Sparks.

“It gives people from out of town something to see before the show starts,” Baswick said.

Production begins Wednesday, June 29 with a matinee at 2 p.m., followed by the opening night show at 7 p.m.

The show is about “a young real estate agent who tries to persuade an old, single farmer to sell his family farm, he believes he will succeed where other agents have failed…until he meets the big, high-spirited secret of the old farmer. -the niece.”

It runs until July 10. More information and show times can be found at lighthousetheatre.com/event/buying-the-farm.


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