Willy rizzo exhibits the most glamorous Venetian balls and the staging of Charles Perrault’s Tales to make us dream and usher in the year 2022 in style.

The unconventional Italian art gallery that excelled in glamor, combining a career as a photographer of personalities with the design of original, exclusive and handcrafted furniture, created a new exhibition on the theme of Flaming Venetian Balls and Tales by Charles Perrault with extras from the Comédie Française.

Since the 1940s, Willy Rizzo has captured the movement of a dress, the candor of a look and the modernity of an era;

“The photographer of the beautiful people” has masterfully portrayed the evolution of manners and fashions through his emblematic photographs. In 1970, he began to design elegant, sexy and functional furniture. Rizzo has often cited the influence of his close friend Le Corbusier.

For Willy “It was never a question of recreating classic styles in modern furniture, that was not the question. It was about creating something new in a traditional context. “

This new exhibition shows us two culturally and emotionally rich themes, as well as previously unseen excerpts from Italian and French history.

Through his photographs, Willy Rizzo stages the extras of the Comédie Française dressed in costumes borrowed from theater cabinets. The large format shots with a Linhof camera, taken in the Rambouillet forest in December 1959, plunge us into the fantastic world of Rizzo, which illustrates the most emblematic tales of Charles Perrault.

“For these eight productions, I borrowed costumes from the Comédie Française, asked extras to pose, used a 20×25 inch camera and to illuminate I needed several light sources. Jean Demachy, who was artistic director of Marie Claire at the time, helped me a lot. “

The Venetian balls of philanthropist Charles de Beistegui and Count Volpi, as well as that of Elsa Maxwell in Biarritz, majestically marked an era of whimsical pleasures, sumptuous luxuries and cultural fair in memory of yesteryear. The elegant collection of photographs exhibited at Studio Willy Rizzo plunges us into the exclusive world of high society.

This eclectic mix of culture and society makes accessible the ephemeral and the legend of these two fascinating worlds, the theater and the international aristocracy.

All the photographs, like the furniture, are numbered and signed by Willy Rizzo.

Willy Rizzo: Legends and Tales of Perrault

Until February 5, 2022

Studio Willy Rizzo

12 rue de Verneuil, Paris 7th



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