Vancouver clinic’s interior design draws inspiration from quarries

The architecture of a new aesthetic dermatology clinic in Vancouver, designed by Leckie Studio, is inspired by geological formations

Vancouver-based Leckie Studio has created a striking architectural interior for a dermatology clinic – AER Skinlab. The space, designed to serve as the main base for the cosmetic dermatology company in town, is housed in Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building in a modest 880 square foot cloistered retail space. Drawing inspiration from visuals of quarries, geological formations and the idea of ​​minerals, nature and well-being, Leckie has created a clinic interior design that seems “excavated from the stillness of rock”.

The internal program was quite simple – the project consists of three treatment rooms, a consultation area and a reception area. Taking this brief and elevating it through smart, all-encompassing minimalist architecture punctuated with impactful individual design gestures, the Leckie Studio team used locally quarried marble from Vancouver Island, finished with a raked streak and glass fluted for maximum effect. Along with the thoughtful choice of materials throughout, a glossy bespoke ceiling installation from densely packed Tyvek filament becomes a real eye-catcher in the space.

Art played a key role in developing the idea of ​​architects. ‘Leckie Studio was inspired by the Careers work by [photographer] Edward Burtynsky, as well as [artist and film director] by Matthew Barney orderof his Cremaster Cycle 3‘, explain the architects. The team cites a specific text by Burtynsky, which states: “The concept of landscape as architecture became, for me, an act of imagination… The surface of the rock face would simultaneously reveal the process of its own creation, as well as showing the techniques of the quarrymen.I likened the tenacious trees and pools of water to the sentinels of nature awaiting the eventual withdrawal of man and machine – to begin the slow process of recovery.

Leckie Studio was founded in 2015 by architect Michael Leckie, but already has some major commissions under its belt, as well as a growing portfolio. Examples include a Vancouver House penthouse, where the practice composed a warm, organic space filled with textured, natural materials inside BIG’s Canadian West Coast tower. §


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