In order to provide economic opportunities for residents of Montalban, the House Committee on Tourism has declared Wawa Dam as a tourist destination.

Rizal 4th District Representative Juan Fidel Felipe F. Nograles said in a statement that the committee approved House Bill (HB) 2962.

“Wawa Dam has long been a tourist attraction and we need government support to fully develop it for the benefit of the people. This would be crucial in providing economic opportunities for the city’s residents,” Nograles said.

HB 2962, or the “Wawa Dam Development Act”, mandates the formulation of a comprehensive development plan involving the construction, installation and maintenance of applicable facilities and infrastructure that would improve, develop and promote tourism in the region as well as improve accessibility and safety for tourists.

The Tourism, Public Works and Roads, Environment and Natural Resources, Interior and Local Authorities departments and the local authorities concerned are responsible for drawing up the development plan in the year following the approval of the bill.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is also responsible for immediately implementing said plan and integrating it into the agency’s overall development programs.

The Wawa Dam is an artificial dam located at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Montalban.

The dam, created in 1909, is recognized by the National Museum as an Important Cultural Property due to its design and structure, as well as its historical significance during World War II.

The site is frequented by hikers, cyclists and adventurers as it sits between Mount Pamitinan and Mount Binacayan and has a gorge and many caves for bouldering and caving.

Local tourists also come for swimming, picnicking, sightseeing, boating and photography.

Nograles said declaring the Wawa Dam as a tourist destination would highlight the need to protect and sustainably develop natural tourist attractions.

“The continued patronage of tourists to sites like the Wawa Dam indicates that our people appreciate the environment and its riches,” he added.

The lawmaker said he looked forward to the bill’s enactment.

Nograles also said that pending its enactment, his office will continue to partner with other groups to protect the Wawa Dam.


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