ESPANOLA—LaCloche artist and photographer Jon Butler has leapt into cyberspace with his latest creations, wearable art, and visual stimulants.

Mr. Butler’s photo-montage images and original landscape photographs have been transformed into wearable art on good quality, affordable clothing for all genders.

He started creating photomontage images six years ago, using his catalog of thousands of photographs taken over the past 35 years. Described as surreal and dreamlike, the newly created images have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions.

The photomontage “We went to the water and saw the temple” was recently selected for the Art Gallery of Sudbury’s “Is This Real Life” exhibition, which opens in May.

“Photomontage images are a challenge and a great way to express your thoughts and dreams. They are completely different from my landscape photographs which are in natural light and totally without computer editing,” Mr. Butler said.

Mr. Butler’s photographs and photomontage images can be seen at and wearable art is available at


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