Vintage tank top, Rouje jeans, Bottega Veneta shoes, vintage Saint Laurent earrings

Adeline Mai

His style

In two words found by her fiancé, her style is Minimal Drama. “I really like pure and androgynous silhouettes, but my morphology is the opposite so I added a little drama like the Mediterranean styles”. She nurtures the balance between feminine and masculine with pieces from her fiancé’s dressing room. “I’ve always had a taste for men’s clothing. When I was younger, I used to steal my stepfather’s clothes.” This memory was also the starting point for his first brand, Trinity Laboratory. “When I was about 14, I went from my mother’s wardrobe to my stepfather’s, and it was like a new adventure. Then I liked to mix the two,” concludes- she.

The Row dress, vintage headband, vintage shorts, Christophe Lemaire earrings, Chloé and vintage rings

Adeline Mai


Spaghetti Archives, its luxury vintage platform, which it launched in 2021, tops the list. Elizabeth is currently working on her next curation celebrating Japanese designers, scheduled for October 2022. She is also working on a jewelry project in collaboration with The Webster, as well as a new “That’s What She Saves” video series where she’ll dive into the wardrobes of people she admires to uncover and unpack their fashion treasures. “Archivist does not mean backward-looking”, jokes Sophia, who shared that she was working with an NFT studio to track down rare coins. Stay tuned!


“The secret, above all, collaboration”, confides sophie elizabeth. She works closely with her fiancé, Olivier Leon and society OLD participate in the life and development of the constantly evolving design studio. Elizabeth established Spaghetti Archives there for presentations and workshops. “We like having our friends here and sitting around a table or a piano to talk. The space has been designed to be completely modular. It is an apartment where we regularly receive visiting artist, model or designer friends.” In other words, it is an immaculate setting geared towards sharing. The couple and their creative friends like to hang out there, influencing the evolution of the space which changes according to their mood. “We feed each other with our creativity – and try not to eat each other!”

Adeline Mai

Vintage tank top, Rouje jeans, Bottega Veneta shoes, vintage Saint Laurent earrings

Adeline Mai


sophie elizabeth and Olivier Leon took over the artist’s space Mathias Kiss, and they have chosen to keep his creative imprint through many pieces, “The lacquering on the walls is very delicate for example, we owe it to him”. No part of this studio has been purchased for its purpose, and no new parts are included: each of the objects has been placed through adventures and creative collaborations. As you enter the space, the curtains – “draped in silk” – immediately catch your eye. And it’s not just curtains, but a work of art designed by the artist Justin Morinwith whom Olivier Leon collaborate. The chairs and the table SophiaThe offices of were designed by Jean-Michel Willemote and come from remix gallery, a gallery specializing in the 1980s that the couple loves. “I especially liked it because it was from a well-known TV production company. I like imagining the stories that were created on it.” In the living room, the Space Age mirror was made by the designer Clemence Mars, who is “young and so talented”. Merging intellectual approach and aesthetic harmony, each piece of furniture has its importance and tells a unique story.


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