A newlywed couple in India has inspired the internet with a prenup designed to settle the age-old relationship debate: “Should we eat pizza tonight?”

Shanti Prasad and her new husband, Mintu Rai, answered this question in advance by writing it in their giant new marriage contract last month. Now, their wedding photographer’s contract video has gone mega-viral, with tens of millions of views on Instagram.

“Only one pizza per month,” reads entry #1 of their contract.

Other entries on the list include a promise to hit the gym every day, a vow to go shopping together “every 15 days” and a few other rules about going to parties together and drinking alcohol. other favorite foods. Prasad also promises to wear a saree every day.

Prasad is apparently the pizza lover in the relationship, and the pizza clause was meant to give Rai a break, they told BBC News.

“I really like pizza,” she told the outlet. “On dates, I would always say let’s go and have a pizza.”

The couple started dating in 2018 and one of their first dates was for pizza, they told the BBC.

However, the pizza can be a bit too much for Rai, which is why he asked that they limit it to one pie per month.

“Her love for pizza comes second only to her love for Rai. I think she thinks about pizza in her spare time and even in her sleep,” their friend, Raghav Thakur, told the BBC. Thakur and some of their friends actually imagined the contract as a joke, and from what it seems, it doesn’t exactly hold up.

“We’ve already eaten two pizzas since the wedding and it’s only been two weeks,” the bride confessed.

Can you blame her though?

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