A few months ago, Pretika found an exquisite work of art in a trash can, a painting made entirely of butterfly wings, depicting a bird. Amazed, she cleaned it up and took it home.

“Getting away from city life was a recalibration that brought me back to the present, rooting me to the earth. Since finding the painting, I have found myself in unusual, magical situations. Therefore, the title “Searching for the Artist” is more than just a search for the creator of the artwork, it is a search for the manifestor of the earth. »

If there’s one thought or idea that’s solidified in our collective minds over the past two years, it’s that there’s no rush to get anywhere. Far from the rat race, the earth heals, the sun strengthens, the water caresses. Living in the present and making it healthy was the defining new reality.

Drawing inspiration from films from our childhood like Wonder Woman and The Little Mermaid, we create a story of wonder. The story of a woman, gentle and delicate but solid and powerful, healing herself in nature.

In a special hamlet in India where time slows down, people come from far and wide to experience its healing energy. Far from its famous beaches and parties, there is a world filled with magical waters, golden light flowing through centuries-old trees and hidden beauties. How can we preserve it while creating space for new inhabitants? This is the question posed as development has become synonymous with the destruction of natural ecosystems and the people of Goa are struggling to cope with the sudden influx of city dwellers trying to get away from the pollution and congestion of the cities. The way forward requires integrating nature into all our spaces and respecting its ancient powers.

Pretika is a photographer recently living in Goa. She creates stories around inclusivity, alternative and queer culture, and fashion. Akanksha is a designer living in Delhi. She creates unique pieces of clothing and accessories that are both the future and the past.


Muse: Georgina D’Silva @georginadsilva

Beauty: Laila Dalal @lailadalal

Styling and graphics: Akanksha Singh @akansshhhaaa7

Photography & creative direction: Pretika Menon @pretikamenon


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