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The University of Houston on Thursday officially announced a contract extension for football coach Dana Holgorsen that will run through the 2027 season.

“We’re excited to know where we are and where we’re headed,” UH Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman said. “Having Dana locked up for six years before our conference transitioned was important for continuity. We look forward to our future with Dana at the helm.

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Some of the details, according to the term sheet provided by the university via an open records request:

  • As previously reported, Holgorsen will earn $4.2 million in 2022, $4.3 million in 2023, $4.4 million in 2024, $4.5 million in 2025, $4.6 million in 2026 and $4.7 million in 2027.
  • Holgorsen’s personnel budget will increase to $5.5 million for 10 assistant coaches, strength staff and support staff for 2022. That figure will increase to $6.5 million in 2023 – when the Cougars are expected to join the Big 12 – and will increase 3% from 2024-27, pending school athletic director approval, if the team participates in a bocce game the previous year.
  • If UH terminates without cause, the school will pay Holgorsen 100% of his total base, non-salary compensation per year through 2025 and 60% for the remainder of the term of the contract.
  • If he terminates the contract without cause, Holgorsen will pay $11,490,000 through December 31, 2022. The total decreases each December 31 by $9,390,000 (2023), $7,240,000 (2024), $5,544,000 ( 2025), $3,348,000 (2026) and $1,833,000 (2026) and $1,833,000 (2026). ).

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