Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerilla Games shares an awesome cosplay of Aloy as rumors of a Zero Dawn remake hit the internet.

A talented cosplayer recently showed off his impressive take on Forbidden Horizon West‘s Aloy, and it caught the eye of developer Guerilla Games. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn lends itself well to cosplay thanks to its futuristic tribal aesthetic, which offers a wide range of memorable costumes for heroes and villains alike. Brave outcast Nora turned savior Aloy is an especially popular source of inspiration for cosplayers. Some fans unpacked Forbidden Horizon West dressed as Aloy, while others like to have fun adding a Bokoblin head of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Aloy’s signature Nora outfit.


Some of these impressive Forbidden Horizon West the cosplays have even garnered attention and approval from Guerilla Games, as was the case with a fan who dressed up as Aloy from the original Horizon Zero Dawn in anticipation of west forbidden‘s launch earlier this year. It’s not just Aloy fans getting the studio’s praise, as Guerrilla also celebrated a Horizon Zero Dawn Sylens cosplayer for their impressive portrayal of Aloy’s cold and calculating ally.

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Guerrilla Games has once again honored a talent Forbidden Horizon West cosplayer, sharing a stunning image of the heroine shooting her bow on her official Twitter account. This cosplay features Aloy in one of her many alternates Forbidden Horizon West costumes, and was made by an Instagram cosplayer cindys_beskarschmiede. The photo itself was taken by Jan Stoklasek, a digital artist and photographer whose work can also be seen on Instagram. The photo contains the hashtag “beyond the horizon,” which was used to showcase awesome cosplays and gameplay footage taken with Forbidden Horizon Westof Picture mode.

Horizon Cosplays Shows How An Iconic PlayStation Character Aloy Is

Whereas Forbidden Horizon West was unfortunately eclipsed by Ring of Elden when it launched in February, it received positive reviews for expanding and improving the setting of the original Horizon Zero Dawn. Discussions about Forbidden Horizon West recently picked up after Lance Reddick, who plays Sylens, shared and quickly deleted an image hinting at a future Forbidden Horizon West DLCs. There are also rumors of a PS5 remake/remaster of Horizon Zero Dawnas well as a multiplayer-focused spin-off that would feature customization and a live gameplay model.

Whatever form the franchise will take in the years to come, it is clear that Forbidden Horizon West continues to have strong popularity among gamers given the number of cosplayers dressed as Aloy or Sylens. It’s even more impressive than Guerrilla Games shares Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy cosplays on social media because it recognizes community efforts and fosters a stronger bond between the studio and its fans.

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Source: Guerilla/Twitter, cindys_beskarschmiede/Instagram, Jan Stoklasek/Instagram


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