The boutique hotel in London’s West End continues its series of artist residencies with photographer Haris Nukem.

Haris Nukem’s portrait photography focuses on human nature, with the Bosnian-born artist’s lens at the heart of his vivid stories about the simultaneous grace and imperfection of human identity. The combination of resplendent color palettes, societal critique and humanity has seen Nukem land at the forefront of British contemporary art, working with Selfridges, Universal Music and Warner Group in the process. “Often we can feel quite incubated inside the civilizations we live in,” he says. “And I don’t think we’ve ever considered how fragile they are. What photographers do is help us understand how lucky we are.

Now, from August 24-31, guests of Fitzrovia’s luxury hotel, The Mandrake, will not only be able to experience his work in the flesh, but they will also be able to witness his creation, as the photographer takes up residence on the the hotel’s Jurema terrace and at the Mandrake theatre, for the hotel’s Artist in Residency series. Building an exhibition of portraits, each featuring a unique character embodying love, service, time and other facets of the essence of human life, guests will then be able to admire his work, scattered throughout the premises, and l ‘enshrine in their own home with the ability to purchase.


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