FF247 Site Team and Planned Line-ups Gameweek 15

Welcome to the FF247 site team and planned Gameweek 15 line-ups

For ‘Haaland’, read ‘Salah’…

With the not unexpected non-appearance of Erling Haaland, we covered our asses bases with a choice of vice-captain of Mohammad Salah who scored and seemed to give us 14 points as vice-captain. Andreas Pereira (3) came off the bench for the Norwegian.

Somewhere else, Kieran Trippier (OBVIOUSLY) scored a double digit number of 11, Gabriel Jesus – without scoring – is involved. His two assists against Forest landed us 9 points. Also on 9 points is Diogo Dalot which turned out to be a wise choice. Gabriel Martinelli (8) and Joao Cancelo (6) were the other helpers with the rest rather disappointing.

A total of 66 for the week – 7 points above average – brings us to 1,018,091 in total. All eyes are on a ranking below 1 million ahead of the World Cup.

Our Gameweek 14 result

We have £0.0m in the bank and 2 free transfers to use before Gameweek 15. Let’s see what has been decided.

Our Gameweek 15 transfers

With two free transfers and only two weeks until the reset for the World Cup, we can afford to hunt a bit. Let’s have fun !

The ideal city three is undoubtedly Cancelo, KDB and Haaland. We have Foden but really want KDB. Consequently, Salah comes out for the Belgian and Foden makes way for reborn Paraguayan Miguel Almiron.



He participated in group training and was not excluded = do us!

Kevin will be vice.

Our full Gameweek 15 team

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Planned lineups and FPL team news

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