The new Falcons regime is finally sinking its claws into the roster. To begin their term, Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith were first tasked with untying all the knots of the old regime. Thomas Dimitroff got overwhelmed and ended up with inflated contracts for Julio Jones, matt ryan, and others. To move forward, the new regime had to rid the books of all bad contracts, and that is exactly what is happening.

The only contract that the new regime inherited from the old one is Deion Jones, which has been the subject of deliberation among fans. The Falcons drafted Troy Andersen in the second round, signed Rachaan Evans earlier in the offseason, and still have solid depth with Mykal Walker. If Atlanta wanted to part ways with Debo and really open the books for next season, it wouldn’t be too difficult with a trade after June 1.

The Falcons are expected to have as much cap space ($100 million+) next offseason as any team in the league, but they won’t sit idly by until next spring to start handing out contracts. lucrative. Earlier this offseason, Fontenot and Smith locked down the team’s blindside after agreeing to a three-year extension worth $18.5 million a year with Jacques Matthews. But it’s not the only one.

Atlanta also recently agreed to terms for a three-year, $49.5 million extension with Grady Shankand the details have just emerged thanks to Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus:

  • Signing bonus: $16.5 million
  • Base salary 2022: $1,470,588, fully guaranteed upon signing
  • Base salary 2023: $16,500,000, fully guaranteed upon signing
  • Base salary 2024: $15,250,000
  • 2024 Composition Bonus: $1,000,000, due on the fifth day of the league year
  • Pro Bowl 2024 escalator: $750,000
  • Base salary 2025: $15,250,000
  • 2025 Composition Bonus: $1,000,000, due on the fifth day of the league year
  • Pro Bowl 2025 escalator: $750,000

Jarrett’s contract extension lowered his salary cap by $23.8 million to $12.9 million for the 2022 season, creating $10.9 million in cap space. If Jarrett reaches the Pro Bowl, he will earn $1.5 million in incentives, bringing the total value to $51 million. Prior to the extension, he was owed a base salary of $16.5 million in 2022, which Jarrett will effectively defer over four years.

His annual average ranks ninth among interior defenders, which is a more than reasonable number for a player of his caliber. The Falcons agreed to a fully guaranteed $34.5 million upon signing, 70% of the new money’s base value, but still have a post-2023 season exit that would allow the team to part ways with Jarrett while absorbing $8.25 million in dead cap.

Photographer: David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire




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