Fae Laume Photography has been open in Pigeon for nearly a year now, and photographer and owner Amanda Scott said business was strong.

Scott moved his business to the area after flooding in Midland in 2020 damaged all of his equipment and home studio. The move, however, went smoothly and her new building is just what she needs.

“I can keep everything in place here,” Scott said. “There are seven different stations that I have set up here, so I’m good to go.”

Getting clients to follow her here wasn’t a problem, as past clients are willing to travel to see her for their portraits, Scott said.

“I just had a client come over from California to see me,” Scott said. “It brings business to the area. Many of my clients come from Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing and Detroit. I’ve been in business for 10 years, so I have a good following.

The way Scott hopes to grow now is with area residents — it’s already booked through September.

“It’s old people and marriages,” Scott said. “Reservations come from everywhere.”

Scott is also the director of the Great Lakes Institute of Photography, which she uses to teach people to collaborate with other photographers in the area. Thanks to this, she helps teachers and brings in photographers from all over the world for workshops and courses.

“I’m not a cookie-cutter photographer,” Scott said. “I want to tell a story. I would like to capture every detail of someone. I wouldn’t want to sit someone down and take a head shot. When I have kids here on these sets, their parents tell them not to touch anything, but I want them to play, I want to capture the passion and the personality. Even a senior photo shoot, I might say a weird, offbeat thing to get a real genuine smile.

One thing Scott explained is that she does everything as a photographer, as she started out with kids and families, but quickly transitioned into doing everything.

“One thing I offer is called the grow with me program, so I have babies that are here every three months,” Scott said. “I have families who are here twice a year and if I make one senior of a family, I usually get the rest as they progress through high school.

The building Scott uses is 2,700 square feet, with different sets for all types of photos and she also offers outfits for kids and adults. She also has outdoor locations she visits regularly, but is flexible for clients who wish to have sessions at specific locations.

“I could run a cardboard box if I needed to,” Scott said.

Recently, she was in Caseville with a booth for the Cheeseburger Festival where she had three backdrops and offered mini portrait sessions.

“It doesn’t matter where you are. I just did Cheeseburger in a 10×10 tent with three setups,” Scott said. “If people like what I can do in two minutes there, just imagine what I can do in a full studio where I can control all aspects.

This is Scott’s second showcase. Prior to the farm studio in Midland, she was in a storefront in the village of Stanford, which was also lost in a flood in 2017.

Her studio is located at 19 S. Main St in Pigeon and is currently booked through September, but if you would like to inquire about her services, she can be reached by phone at 989-941-7989 or online at laumephotography.com.


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