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Julia Fox has held many roles throughout her life: fashion designer, actress, photographer, painter, dominatrix. Now she’s making headlines in her whirlwind romance with Kanye West, nearly a year after ex-wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. According to a recent story, Fox wrote for Interview, she met West in Miami this New Years Eve and felt an “instant connection” with the rapper and designer. (The two were spotted at Carbone in Miami shortly thereafter.) They then returned to New York City to see slave game and traveled to Carbone in New York City, where the two held a photoshoot among restaurant patrons, before West presented Fox with a hotel suite full of clothes. “It was every girl’s dream come true,” Fox wrote in Interview. “With us, everything has been so organic. Not sure where things are going, but if this is any indication of the future, I absolutely love the ride.

However, this moment in the spotlight is just a brief glimpse of Fox, who has been referred to as a “character from downtown Manhattan.and “a staple of the New York club scene” and had her breakout moment in 2019 when she starred alongside Adam Sandler in the film Uncut Gems. Learn more about the multi-hyphen, below:

Fox is a proven New Yorker.

While Fox was originally born in Milan, Italy, she moved to New York City as a child to live with her father on the Upper East Side. She spent her teenage years on the New York club scene and survived an overdose at age 17. Hollywood journalist. They are still on drugs or in prison. Many of them died. According to the outlet, Fox also got into high school sex work, working as a dominatrix. “I had heard of another girl doing it and that there was no sex or nudity,” she said. “It was a role play… I did it, and it was awesome. I really thank him when people ask me, ‘Oh, have you ever played before?’

Photo credit: Dominik Bindl - Getty Images

Photo credit: Dominik Bindl – Getty Images

She has made a career as a designer, model and artist.

Beyond his role in Uncut Gems, Fox dabbled in a number of other creative mediums: she and her friend Briana Andalore launched the Franziska Fox knit line, which was worn by celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Iggy Azalea; she posed for Playboy in 2015; she wrote and directed a short film on child sex trafficking titled Fantastic girls; and she has published two photography books titled PTSD and Symptoms of a relationship that turned sour: heartburn / nausea, which she described to Stunned as being about “grief and abusive, dysfunctional and codependent relationships”. According to HuffPost, Fox also created a multimedia exhibit called “RIP Julia Fox,” which included paintings made from her own blood on silk. hollywood reporter described the two books and the exhibit as providing “an intimate and unfailing look at drug use, domestic violence, sex, mental illness and domineering work.” Fox told the point of sale, “You have to use your pain as a gift. If you are able to take something really negative and repackage it into something positive, you have been successful.

Photo credit: Rachel Luna - Getty Images

Photo credit: Rachel Luna – Getty Images

She was handpicked for her role in Uncut Gems.

The role of Julia, Adam Sandler’s mistress who works in a jewelry showroom, was written (and named) for Fox. Longtime friend of Josh Safdie, half of the brother duo who directed Uncut Gems, Fox told in 2019, “When Josh met me he was like, it must be her. Fox received widespread praise for his performance, which also turned out to be his first on-screen role, and won a Gotham Award nomination for Breakthrough Actor.

Fox has a son with his ex, Peter Artemiev.

The actress married private pilot Peter Artemiev in 2018, although the two are now separated. Fox gave birth to their son, Valentino, on January 17, 2021. In an Instagram caption about the birth, she called it “the best day of my life.”

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