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Edina’s new art studio, Granny Pam’s and Lavender Moon Photography & Film officially reopened on Saturday March 5, 2022. The three companies joined forces after two buildings in Edina collapsed on January 6, destroying the art studio and the nearby American Legion building, which was to house Granny Pam’s fledgling bakery business.

Amelia Shahan has since joined to open her first storefront space in the new shared location, which is in the former J&W bike shop. The location is also known to locals as the former office of Dr. Davis. The new building is east of Edina Town Square at 54691 State Highway 6, across from Cram-Mor Motors.

“It’s on to round two,” said Tana Tuftee, co-owner of Art Studio.

“We bought two new ceramic kilns and wired them up, so they’re ready to roll,” said Art Studio co-owner Randy Carlson.

“We went to Iowa to get one and dug one out of a local barn,” Tuftee said. “We lost $5,000 of inventory (during the collapse). We are working on making more.

The team also worked to refresh the building with new paint, a new water heater and decorations.

Michelle Aaronson will create and develop pottery at the art studio, making one-of-a-kind pieces for the studio, and hopes to eventually launch her own line of pottery.

The Art Studio is located on the north side of the building and will host children’s and adult parties, vacations and family reunions, and will continue to provide a place where people can come together and create. Reservations can be made via the art studio’s Facebook page or by email at [email protected] The studio will also be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

On the west side, Granny Pam’s, owned by Pam Ausmus, will offer made-to-order baked goods and frozen entrees. She will be posting her “takeout and bake” on her Facebook page and in her new location.

Ausmus is well known for its cuisine throughout the region having sold out at various events with its baked goods, as well as catering events and local gatherings. She didn’t always want a bakery, but after some encouragement from Tuftee, she decided to go.

“I really like talking to people when they come in and I like having a dedicated space. I didn’t think it was doable until now,” said Granny Pam owner Pam Ausmus. baked goods at Jared’s Jams and bring them to the new location and sell them on Saturday morning People can place an order or pick up what’s available.

Lavender Moon Photography & Film is located on the east side of the building, which houses a new studio.

“I became a full-time photographer at the end of November. I wanted to be somewhere where I could offer photography during the winter months. I wanted to provide a place inside when it’s cold and dreary outside. I enjoy studio work. That’s how I started and expanded into weddings and families,” said Amelia Shahan, owner of Lavender Moon Photography & Film. Shahan heard about the space from local realtor and Edina Mayor Alex Reel.

“I think photos are so important,” Shahan said. “I really want to give moms something this spring. It is always the mothers who take the photos. They are never in the photo.

Clients can inquire online at Shahan’s website,, to schedule an appointment.

Business owners are excited to start and restart businesses. For Tuftee and Carlson, it’s about keeping their studio dream alive. For Ausmus and Shahan, it’s the excitement of something new.

“We’re also looking for vendors who need a place to view their creations,” Tuftee said. “Everyone has been so loving. I can’t even tell you. It really is a good place to live. »


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