Draymond Green taking pictures of LeBron James is not the sight Warriors fans wanted to see today amid a $138 million contract extension.

The NBA brotherhood works in a myriad of ways. One day, you’re going head-to-head in a championship-defining Game 7 and the next day, you’re taking pictures of yourself on the streets of Toronto.

The camaraderie displayed by the players off the pitch is nothing short of remarkable. Despite what’s happening on the pitch, off the pitch the animosity is fading. Unless the vendetta is personal. In some cases it is and it often becomes a storyline for years to come.

In the curious case of LeBron James and Draymond Green, it seems the fierce rivalry of 2014-2018 was left on the field. The two have since become close friends and even invested in a liquor brand together.

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LeBron James meets a fan and Draymond Green is the designated photographer

As New Media, we are always looking to dig up clues and stories around players, and this time it led us to some speculation. LeBron and Draymond have been too friendly for the past few weeks.

They are among the 5 players in the league with four championships. Draymond recently released some statements saying he thinks he deserves the most from the Warriors.

Their close friendship has often been exposed to the public via social media.

Many fans said that the friendly relationship of the two could point to a sign. Their recent outing in Toronto amply confirms this.

If the Warriors don’t offer Draymond the maximum extension, is there a distinct possibility he’ll head to the Lakers? Who knows? Maybe this fan.

Either way, it’s good to see NBA players being overly friendly despite tough rivalries. Wherever Draymond ends up, it’s clear that their friendship is more about what’s off the basketball court than on it.

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