SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – Downtown Sioux Falls celebrates local artists on First Friday with the October Art & Wine Walk.

32 businesses and countless artists take part in the October Art & Wine Walk in downtown Sioux Falls.

“Sometimes you might be interested in art but you don’t really know where to go, and here it’s a shop you’ve been to many times or a restaurant that hosts a live artist and it’s so easy, so accessible, and just a really fun time,” said Tenley Schwartz, chief marketing officer of DTSF.

Tenley Schwartz, marketing manager for DTSF, is an artist herself, dabbling in painting, printmaking and mixed media.

“Coming to Art & Wine Walk is always great fun for me to see what local artists are doing and get inspired,” Schwartz said.

She encourages you to do the same.

“Come see what people are making and know it’s local. These are things people are making right here in South Dakota,” Schwartz said.

“We have such a large collection of artists in this city who need to be featured and whose work needs to be seen,” said Erin Castle, managing director of Rehfeld’s Art & Framing.

Erin Castle works at Rehfeld’s Art & Framing.

“I hope people will come, have a conversation with the artist and with new people, and just be inspired by what’s on the walls and what they could possibly take home.” , Castle said.

Rehfeld’s expanded its footprint for First Friday with work by photographer Walter Portz at JLG Architects.

“It’s got a wall of about 90 pieces and they start at $75, go up to $250, so very, very reasonable, but it’s really, really interesting graffiti, portraits, gorillas, you might say” , Castle said.

Whatever the location, Castle loves the Art & Wine Walk.

“Probably one of our favorite events. We can do it twice a year, but fall is my favorite season and we have some really special artists featured this year,” Castle said.

The Art & Wine Walk runs until 8:00 p.m. Friday.


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