A Dagsboro photographer won an honorable mention ribbon for a black-and-white photograph of her cat, nicknamed Bratboy, captured as the feline intently watched birds feeding outside.

Su Fiske, who works as an office manager at the Art League in Ocean City, said she took the photo and then posted it on Instagram and was told by friends and colleagues that she should to be entered in the February competition, especially since the subject was Emotion.

The one-year-old ginger tabby, whose first name is Sundance, is photogenic, said Fiske, 62.

“It was during the snow storm we had in January. I had filled my feeders before the snow and there were probably 20 birds there. I always take pictures of my cats. I have four cats and this one, Bratboy, was staring intently out the window at these birds. I am not artistic otherwise, apart from photography. I think I got into it after my grandma gave me one of her cameras when I was 6 or 7. Then I took classes in Pennsylvania at an adult night school. I just like to see what comes out of a camera.

“With my cats, if they get too close they want to cuddle and stuff, so I have to take the shot at the right time from the right distance,” she said.

Originally from New England and a former resident of Clarksville, Fiske is a member of the Coastal Camera Club of Lewes.

” I like photography. It gets me out. I always take photos outside of landscapes and animals. You always meet new people when you take photos. I met a lot of great people in the photo club,” she said.

Fiske did not thank Bratboy for being the model that earned him his award.

“He’s had enough trouble. I’m not going to tell him anything. He already has a big head,” she said with a laugh, then added, “Maybe I’ll give him an extra treat.”


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