CryptoNewsZ won the “Crypto News Site of the Year” award at the prestigious AIBC Americas Summit 2022. The event was held June 6-9 in Toronto, Canada, and saw attendance from esteemed personalities and startups blockbuster of the entire blockchain industry. .

AIBC Americas, the world’s leading conference on artificial intelligence and blockchain, also featured various keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and networking information from top experts in crypto, NFT, iGaming, and more. . The event brought together more than 100 speakers. , including Maltese politician and minister Silvio Schembri and American rapper Arabian Prince, among others.

But the highlight of the conference was the awards night which took place on June 7th. This sub-event was organized to recognize and applaud the most successful startups from different areas of the blockchain industry in 16 categories.

After being successfully nominated for the “Crypto News Site of the Year” award, CryptoNewsZ received the honor at the awards night during the four-day event. This award symbolizes the dedication and growth of the news platform over the years.

CryptoNewsZ’s authentic journey, as much more than crypto news media website, started in 2018 with “honesty and transparency” as guiding principles. Over its years-long journey, the platform has done its best to provide high-quality, authentic, and unbiased content to crypto enthusiasts around the world. The AIBC award claims that they are well on their way to becoming an influential entity in crypto journalism.

At this historic moment, CryptoNewsZ thanks its group of young and dynamic journalists, editors, creators, designers, photographers and videographers for their passionate contribution to the platform. With their instrumental inputs, the news platform aims to keep its vision of “Partner of the Crypto Revolution” alive and moving forward.

Having said all that, this isn’t CryptoNewsZ’s first international recognition. This Indian crypto news site has already won the “Best Crypto Media” award at the GURUS Awards 2019 in Bangkok. Sponsored by some of the biggest DeFi and TradFi institutions, this international event brought together 36 dignitaries from 16 countries to discuss the future of the crypto industry in affiliate marketing and P2P commerce.

About AIBC Americas

AIBC Americas Expo is set to become the hub for research, development, and regulation in the blockchain industry. The pioneering event welcomes experts, investors and entrepreneurs from Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, NFT and iGaming to contribute and enable the industrial revolution 4.0.

This year, AIBC Americas’ annual summit in Toronto, Canada welcomed the industry’s brightest minds to come together and share their ideas with delegates from emerging startups. The event also awarded pioneering and innovative startups the industry’s most prestigious AIBC award in 16 categories.




About CryptoNewsZ

Founded in 2018, CryptoNewsZ has strived to provide accurate, unbiased, and well-researched crypto news content to consumers around the world. The award-winning platform has developed a niche in price analysis, forecasts, and other original content related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, ICOs, dApps, and more.

With a team of passionate journalists, editors, and creators and a vision to make information accessible, CryptoNewsZ hopes to “lead the entire global community into crypto.”


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