Pune: Controlled blasting in Sus at a construction site damaged the windows of some apartments and the windshield of a car on Tuesday. The contractor was convicted by the Hinjewadi Police under ICC Section 336 (reckless or negligent act to endanger human life or the personal safety of others) and 286 (negligent conduct in relation to the explosive substance).
Hinjewadi Police Senior Inspector Vivek Mugalikar said the VTP Realty construction site contractor had permission to carry out a controlled blast but it could be revoked now.
PMRDA commissioner Suhas Divase said he issued a stop work order pending an investigation and asked the builder to submit relevant documents. “This is the first complaint we have received and we will look into the matter,” he added.
Plaintiff Vaishali Patkar of Bella Casa, whose car was damaged, said: “The intensity of the explosions has increased lately. Children play in this area in the evening and could have been injured. Blasting should not be allowed in places so close to residential areas. The entrepreneur is a scapegoat in this case.
Vivek Pinglikar, a resident of the second floor, said: “The windows of my apartment facing the site of the explosion are completely damaged. Five company homes also reported similar damage. Hardik Doshi, a resident on the third floor, said his windows were also damaged by the impact, as were the neighboring apartment and another on the tenth floor.
Structural engineering expert B Birajdar from the College of Engineering Pune said that in residential areas, small controlled explosions should be undertaken after informing residents of the time. “Generally, there is a radius of 200m where security measures are necessary. If the residential area is within this 200m, the safety engineer should ensure that the intensity is under control. The best way is to chisel the rock, but as this takes time and money, most builders opt for blasting,” he added.
Bhushan Palresha, Managing Director of VTP Realty, said: “We are unable to determine from the photographs and video whether this damage is from work in progress at our site. According to our information, an apartment window was shattered and another apartment window was cracked, and a car appears to have suffered damage. VTP Realty has all the permissions to carry out construction activity at this location. We provided the police with all relevant documents. The controlled blasting for the excavation work was well below authorized limits. We are investigating the whole episode in detail with the police and will determine the root cause. Based on the investigation report, we will decide on the action. If defects are found, we will ask the contractor to compensate for the damage. »
The contractor could not be contacted.

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