OKLAHOMA CITY – Chickasaw photographer Jim Trosper has continued to embark on trips to scenic locations in and around Oklahoma through much of the COVID 19 pandemic. really didn’t impact my art because my work was available online,” he recently said.

This trend continues even as Trosper attends his second in-person art show of 2022 – the Artesian Arts Festival in downtown Sulfur. It kicks off at 9 a.m. on June 25 after a two-year hiatus. While the one-day exhibition will reintroduce art lovers to in-person engagement with Chickasaw artists, the Artesian Online Art Market can be enjoyed June 27 through August 1 at ArtesianArtsFestival.com.

“We participated in the Oklahoma City Arts Festival in May,” Trosper said. “It was a bit strange, but after two years of canceled festivals, it was wonderful to be among people again, to visit and see old friends again.”

In November, Trosper’s work will be exhibited at Exhibit C, a Chickasaw Nation-owned gallery located in Bricktown, near downtown Oklahoma City.

“The Chickasaw Nation has been wonderful to me. It opened up galleries and travel stops for my work to be exhibited and enjoyed. The tribe has worked hard to ensure that Chickasaw artists remain vital and their art is fully supported over the past few years,” he added.

The Chickasaw Nation hosts several art venues and facilities throughout Oklahoma that feature talented American artisans, including Exhibit C Native Gallery & Gifts, Oklahoma City; Chokma’si Gallery, Ada, ARTesian Gallery and Studios, Aapisa’ Art Gallery and Chickasaw Visitors Center, all at Sulfur; Chickasaw Welcome Center, Davis, and Chickasaw Information Center and Chickasaw Council House Museum, Tishomingo. For more information, visit Chickasaw.net.

Trosper will be showcasing new work at the festival in person and also on the online marketplace, where prints are available for the crowds of people who have come to appreciate his unique eye-to-the-sky photography skills.

In fact, Trosper said his best-loved work — titled “Where the Buffalo Roam” — was surpassed in sales by a similar catch titled “Graze.” The new photo shows six bison grazing beneath the Milky Way galaxy in a timed 30-second exposure that shows both the wonders of the earth and the magnificent infinity of the universe.

While nightscapes always draw Trosper, numerous road trips have also inspired him. The final trip – and footage is available online for those who might miss the June 25 in-person show – focuses on the White Sands National Monument.

Located at the far southeastern tip of New Mexico, it is where footprints estimated to be 23,000 years old have been discovered. It is an ancient anomaly that has slowly transformed from a lush Eden into a gypsum-infested wasteland over thousands of years. He shares a tortured relationship with nearby Holloman Air Force Base. The country’s first atomic bomb was tested there in July 1945.

Today, nearly 600,000 Americans visit the site each year, and Trosper walked away with a photograph titled “Soba,” or horse, in the Chickasaw language. “We were touring the white sands and taking pictures when we saw a guy riding a horse in the distance. As he approached, I asked if we could take pictures and I think they went really well,” Trosper said. “It’s a nice place but it’s pretty barren. There is a mountain range behind the runner which provides the depth a viewer needs to see how vast the park is,” he said.

On his website, JimTrosper.com, he takes you to the Rocky Mountains, Lake Tahoe, Crested Butte, the Wichita Mountains, and to the skies.

About the Artesian Arts Festival

Hosted by the Chickasaw Nation, the Artesian Arts Festival is a celebration of all artistic expressions.

The one-day event features various art mediums created by America’s elite artists, showcased at the Artesian Plaza, 1001 W. First St., in downtown Sulfur, Oklahoma.

Open to the public at no cost, the Artesian Arts Festival welcomed over 11,000 visitors in 2019, the most recent in-person festival. The Artesian Online Art Market was launched in 2020 and 2021 and will also be available this year.

For more information, visit ArtesianArtsFestival.com or call (580) 272-5525.


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