MLB free agency is underway, to some extent at least. Over the next few hours, teams can only negotiate with their own free agents, which is why we haven’t seen much action from the top guys, outside of Edwin Diaz re-sign with the Mets on the biggest deal ever for a reliever. Generally, I’d say it was an overpayment, but considering what Diaz did last season, it’s hard not to like him if you’re a Mets fan.

Things will remain mostly quiet until the end of the silent period, which will take place on Thursday, November 10, five days after the World Series. When that happens, chaos will ensue and the Braves should be right in the middle of it. Here are my top 25 MLB free agents and my predictions for the contracts they will sign this offseason.

1. Carlos Correa

Correa is the best shortstop out there. He owns a platinum glove, is equally effective with the bat, was a playoff threat and is highly regarded as a leader. I expect him to establish the shortstop market.

Prediction: 10 years, $342 million

2. Judge Aaron

Age will likely keep Judge from signing as long a deal as Correa, but when it comes to the AAV, Judge is making the most money out of this entire class of free agents.

Prediction: 8 years, $310 million

3. Trea Turner

Like Judge, Turner is a bit older than Correa, but I expect him to earn roughly the same AAV in free agency this offseason. Turner’s contract will be just a hair shorter.

Prediction: 8 years, $260 million

4. Jacob of Grom

Due to his age and injury history, deGrom won’t demand as much as most of these top players, but we’re still talking about the most talented pitcher on the planet, and the Braves are apparently interested.

Prediction: 4 years, $160 million

5. Xander Bogaerts

Bogaerts’ defense leaves a lot to be desired at shortstop, but offensively, he’s up to Trea Turner. He is expected to make over $200 million this offseason.

Prediction: 7 years, $205 million

6. Carlos Rodon

Rodon was quietly in NL Cy Young conversation all season. Now he can step aside and hit free agency at its peak, in search of the long-term contract he probably should have received last offseason. He will have it this winter.

Prediction: 5 years, $145 million

seven. Dansby Swanson

The Braves own Dansby Swanson at No. 7. There are so many mixed reviews for what he will receive this offseason, but I think it will be somewhere between $150 million and $200 million.

Predictions: 6 years, $160 million

8. Justin Verlander

Verlander will win the AL Cy Young at age 39. He should receive a contract similar to the one Max Scherzer got from the Mets last offseason.

Prediction: 2 years, $80 million

9. Brandon Nimmo

Nimmo isn’t the most well-known name across the country, but he’s a pest who plays game-winning baseball. He does a bit of everything very well, and he’s going to be one of the most coveted free agents this winter.

Prediction: 6 years, $120 million

ten. Willson Contreras

One of the best receivers in the game today, the older brother of Guillaume Contreras is ready to cash in this offseason.

Prediction: 5 years, $105 million

11. Clayton Kershaw

He’s no longer the best pitcher on the planet, but he’s still an All-Star caliber talent. I can’t see him going anywhere other than the Dodgers.

Prediction: 1 year, $22 million

12. Kodai Senga

Potentially the next great Japanese baseball player, Senga is looking to put his talents to work for MLB at the height of his career.

Prediction: 4 years, $75 million

13. Jose Abreau

Abreau’s next contract will take him until he’s almost 40, but he’s a guy who’s always been an MVP candidate for the White Sox. Someone will hand him a multi-year contract.

Prediction: 3 years, $70 million

14. Chris Bassit

The Mets have so many big-name free agents that it feels like Bassitt isn’t talked about much, but he’s been great for them. General Managers know how valuable it is. I expect his next contract to surprise some people.

Prediction: 4 years, $80 million

15. Martin Perez

Perez has largely been a disappointing starting pitcher during his career, but he broke out last season with a 5.0 WAR and 2.89 ERA.

Prediction: 3 years, $51 million

16. André Benintendi

I spoke several times about Benintendi as a potential target of the Braves. It just depends on whether he’ll be willing to settle for a one- or two-year deal. I see him getting more than that in free agency.

Prediction: 3 years, $41 million

17. Jameson Taillon

Taillon struggled a lot to get there in his career. It didn’t quite go as he planned, but someone is going to bet on his upside this offseason.

Prediction: 3 years, $50 million

18. Anthony Rizo

Three Yankees in a row. Rizzo has performed well in New York this season. He’s a leader with a ton of playoff experience. I expect him to get a slightly more lucrative offer this winter.

Prediction: 3 years, $52 million

19. Tyler Anderson

Had an All-Star campaign with the Dodgers. I’m not sure he’ll ever replicate what he did this year, but he’s a solid mid-rotation option.

Prediction: 2 years, $30 million

20. Jurickson Profar

Fairly good outfielder with positional versatility. He should have several suitors, and the Braves could be one of them.

Prediction: 3 years, $39 million

21. Josh Bell

Because he’s a DH, he doesn’t rack up a bunch of WAR, but the man can straight rake.

Prediction: 2 years, $30 million

22. Mitch Haniger

Injuries have prevented Haniger from becoming the superstar he is capable of being. I expect him to accept a one-year contract with a high AAV.

Prediction: 1 year, $18 million

23. Taijuan walker

Walker had a ridiculous start to his Mets career, but he slipped a bit towards the end of the season. He’s not a front-row guy, but he’s a solid option for the middle of a rotation.

Prediction: 3 years, $50 million

24. Kenley Jansen

Jansen may not be who he used to be, but he remains one of the best closers in baseballand he was at his best late in the season.

Prediction: 1 year, $15 million

25. Joc Pederson

Pederson is the reason I know WAR isn’t everything. The guy made an All-Star team, hit 23 homers to go along with a career-high .353 OBP, and might be the best teammate in the league. Whoever signs it this off-season will be delighted.

Prediction: 2 years, $16 million

Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire




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