Loraine Yaffe is a local contemporary South African fine art painter from Bronkhorstspruit.

She has been creating art for as long as she can remember.

His favorite medium is oil on canvas.

She strives to paint on a daily basis.

Yaffe primarily photographs her own subject, something she would like to hang on the walls of her own home.

In order to improve his painting skills, Yaffe meticulously painted 10 of the 10 most famous and well-known paintings with copyright permitting.

Some of his favorite artists are Michelangelo, Backhuizen and Sorollla.

“I don’t focus on a subject, but on scenes or images that appeal to me,” she explains.

She paints either from photographs or from memory.

Classic Volkswagen Beetle, oil on canvas. (Photo: provided)

Yaffe has dabbled in many art forms including pyrography, acrylic paint, oil pastels, graphite, tokreen (powertex) and mixed media, but much prefers oil painting. oil.

She creates both realistic and abstract art.

She likes to paint in blues and browns.

Yaffe’s love of art can be traced to his late parents who during his childhood were almost always occupied with some form of art.

“My father, Morris, was a photographer, developing and printing his own photographs during the black and white period.

“My mother, Annatjie, was everything from clothing designer to craftswoman to cake cutter and pretty much everything in between,” she said of her creative parents who taught her. instilled a passion for art.

She loves taking orders because she believes every face has a story to tell.

Some of his works are of Egyptian inspiration. (Photo: provided)

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