A tattoo artist’s sense of humor strikes a little differently. That must be why this guy has garnered millions of views.

Art at Ink Station Tattoos currently has 13,000 followers and over 138,100 video likes as @artguaposolis on TikTok. That’s what Art had to say when I asked him how he described his TikTok channel,

My channel is tattoo artist antics. Everything from finished tattoos done in the shop to sketches and fun tell-all encounters in a tattoo shop.

People definitely find the videos funny and relevant. For example, Art’s most-watched video on TikTok is about the different types of customers he regularly deals with. This video has already been viewed 1.3 million times.

Her second most viewed video is Crossing the Needles as it features a tattoo on the hook. I don’t crochet. I don’t have a tattoo either. However, I love this tattoo. This video has been viewed 838.1 thousand times so far.

In his third most-watched video, Art hops on the “naming a better sound” trend and gets over 35,000 views.

In his most recent video, Art sheds light on the awkward moment of tattooing someone while trying to start a random conversation.

Art’s three favorite TikTok creators include:

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