Photographer Lisa Mize captured landscapes along the Washington and Oregon coast, in the Palouse region of southeast Washington, and in the Dolomite Mountains in the Italian Alps.

His photos are on display through the end of August in the Dusted Valley Tasting Room at 14465 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE for the Woodinville Arts Alliance Summer 2022 Art Walk.

“I love living in the Pacific Northwest, even though I love traveling to other places,” Mize said. “I will never live anywhere else. Because we have so much. We have the mountains, we have the Puget Sound, we have the ocean and everything else – the four seasons. It all offers so much beauty to try and capture and share.

Mize says her aunt, who is now deceased, was a big inspiration to her when she got into photography.

“She couldn’t get out much, so I always think of her and try to capture beautiful places and then share those places,” she said.

Mize says she started taking a serious interest in photography about 12 years ago, when she first bought a good digital camera. But she says budding photographers today shouldn’t wait until they can afford a camera.

“No need to go buy all the fancy equipment just yet. Just start with your smartphone,” she said, noting that most new smartphones can already take high-quality photos. y.”

She’s tried to become a lot more determined over the past year, she said, like “getting into places” and “visualizing ideas” of what she wants.

She recently experimented with a 10-stop filter on her lenses.

“You can slow down the movement. The ocean becomes a ghostly image,” she said, explaining that the filter can capture the crashing waves in a serene and peaceful way.

“The Dolomites and Italy were probably the most spectacular place I have ever visited in my life,” she said. “My ultimate, ultimate goal is to one day go to Antarctica and photograph there.”

This fall, Mize and her husband John are traveling to the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway, where she hopes to capture the Northern Lights.


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