Artist finds colorful way to experience other cultures

Ekkapon Panpat acquires knowledge while traveling abroad

Images from the collection “Juicy Vibrant And Hello” by Ekkapon Panpat. (Photo: HOP Photo Gallery)

“Since my childhood, I have loved color photography. I feel like the vivid colors in the image can communicate with us, “said Ekkapon” Ken “Panpat, former flight attendant and freelance photographer.

His strong passion for color photographs motivates him to go out and explore the outside world. Now Ekkapon is sharing his travel memories through his photo showcase titled “Juicy Vibrant And Hello” at WHOOP! at Seacon Square on Srinakarin Road.

Before Ekkapon became a full-time photographer, her previous career as a flight attendant had taken her to visit many countries such as Belgium, Sweden, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

“When I visit another country there are so many incidents that I want to record. I try to capture all the moments because the people who live there, the way they dress, the way they talk and places at different times seem unfamiliar but charming, ”he said. noted.

As Ekkapon yearned to capture all the colorful dimensions he experienced on his travels, he picked up his film camera and photographed defining moments when he met new people from different cultural backgrounds.

The exhibition at Whoop!

“Like this photo, a couple is kissing on the beach. You don’t often see Thais doing such a thing in public. It allows us to see human relationships, to discover different cultures of our hometown,” he said. he noted.

Apparently, Ekkapon turned a journal of his nine years of traveling the world into a photo book. He later selected more than 30 vividly colored images from this photo book to display in his personal exhibition.

The new collection highlights his candid and street photography. Ekkapon defined his favorite style as “documentary” because he likes to take a random photo while wandering the street without “spending too much time on a stage. Otherwise, a feeling of freshness and novelty in this photo could be lost ”.

This unique technique of capturing photographs is apparently a rich source of inspiration behind the main theme and title of the event “Juicy Vibrant And Hello”.

Ekkapon explained that the term “Juicy” means succulent like when we drink fruit juice or squeeze fresh fruit juice. It’s the same feeling when people see his works. The term “Vibrant” refers to the light, summery colors in his photos.

Ekkapon Panpat “Juicy Vibrant And Hello” Collection (Photo: HOP Photo Gallery)

Meanwhile, the word “Hello” is at the heart of this exhibit as it is about friendly greetings from new friends or little chats with strangers after Ekkapon takes their candid picture of them. This collection also includes a series of digital photos of Ekkpon that he took for life events such as a wedding in Japan and a fashion show in Thailand. The photographer hopes visitors will indulge in the exciting feel and dazzling beauty of the life of his works.


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