Exile Content Studio, a leading Hollywood production company led by Latinx, has teamed up to collaborate with contemporary Spanish visual artist Edgar Plans and Curatible to create a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) inspired by Plans’ earlier work. . The “Little Heroes” will become a new entertainment franchise with its own animated children’s television series based on the NFT collection.

Curatible is a team of art collectors who hope to transform the way art is obtained and collected. Working with international artists, Curatible selects NFT collections allowing involved artists to make their mark in the digital world and offering collectors a unique work that has real market value.

Plans is an artist from Madrid whose work has been presented at Almine Rech in Paris, Brussels and Shanghai. It has also been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow and at the Galeria Miquel Alzueta in Barcelona. His expressive and colorful mouse-eared figures are known as animal heroes. Plans uses these big eyed cartoons unlike urban settings using mixed media. These images are meant to be social commentaries on racism and gender equality.

“We are creating a bridge between traditional art and the digital world and are happy to collaborate with a contemporary artist like Edgar Plans to help him in the transition to NFT,” said Massine Benoukaci, CEO and co-founder of Curatible. “It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Exile and to mix our expertise to build a real community, franchise and project around Edgar.

I’ve spoken to Plans about what turns him on the most about this partnership. We also discussed what that experience was like for a traditional artist entering the digital realm and what they knew about NFTs before starting this project.

Risa Sarachan: What excites you the most about this project?

Edgar Packages: What excites me the most about this project is the opportunity to bring my characters into the world of animation. My paintings are narrative. They tell stories. And animation allows us to go further.

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital thanks to social media and the ability to connect and communicate with millions of people on a daily basis. By bringing my art into the NFT space and the metaverse, it opens up endless creative possibilities. The launch of NFTs is the start of a larger project that we plan to grow over time.

Sarachan: How did that challenge you as an artist?

Plans: I am a traditional artist. I like to create oil paintings, draw on paper and work on canvas. But as I entered the digital realm, I learned that art can be interactive, alive, and can take on a life of its own.

Sarachan: What did you know about the world of NFTs before committing to this project?

Plans: Honestly, very little. Some collectors have tried to explain it to me, but I didn’t quite get the idea of ​​creating a digital collection. I myself am an art collector and collect paintings and sculptures. But seeing the impact of NFTs in the art world, it became clear to me that I needed to expand and learn. And I am fortunate to have great partners and colleagues to support me in this process. They each have a lot of experience in their field, and we complement each other to create something special.

Interview excerpts have been edited and condensed for clarity.


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